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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Warlord Games Red Devils

I'm enjoying my painting more than ever at the moment, so I have turned my attention to much neglected British Bolt Action collection.  I picked up a box of warlord games metal Red Devils a while back! Its must be ages ago because I'm sure I got them from Boyes in Bridlington. I'm guessing it wasn't popular because they seem to have scaled back to mainly Perry miniatures, Plastic soldier company and Games Workshop. Anyway I digress so back to the miniatures.

 Its only a nine man squad, I normally paint them in squads of ten but I messed up somewhere so it's a man short. Although I think they don't look lacking for the cost of one man. 

 I'm not really keen on the bright red colour for the berets so I opted for a darker colour. Although there are only a couple in berets it does add that slight dash of colour. The box does contain more berets so hopefully it will even things out a bit. 

 The box is quite old and didn't have any bases so I've used the pizza dish bases, except for the Piat team which I cut out of plastic card. It's boring and tedious but I just couldn't find a base to fit.

 The Piat didn't have a front rest so I borrowed one from the plastic commandos box, I also borrowed an amou case just to add a bit more detail.  The low wall was added from small fish tank gravel stuck together with super glue. I've used PVA before but takes longer to set and I wanted to be on with these guys. 

 I've played around with the colours slightly just to make them pop A bit more. It's nice to be able to paint camou on British figures seeing that it's mainly khaki, khaki and khaki! 

 Some of the figures had some flash that was awkward to remove but overall not to many issues, I forgot how difficult it is to remove flash on metal figures compared to plastic miniatures. 

So that about rounds up my latest post, the next batch are well on there way so fingers crossed I should be adding more to my collection sooner rather than later 

So thanks for looking feel free to comment and catch you all soon 
Cheers for now Russ 

Friday, 12 October 2018

Bolt Action Soviet Naval Brigade

I'm back to WW2 with Warlord Games Soviet Naval Infantry/brigade. I picked these guys up a while back but my WW2 stuff stalled and I got side tracked. My butterfly mind does drift from project to project so I suppose it was only a matter of time before WW2 drifted back onto the agenda.

Now I love plastic figures but with me wanting to add something different to my collection it had to be metal! Warlord Games do make some cracking figures and to be honest when I opened the box I didn't really feel inspired. To be honest this does happen quite often with me! Not sure why but normally once the paint starts to flow any such feelings fade away.

 I did intend to swap a few heads for heads with helmets but I didn't get around to it! Once I started painting I got carried away. It doesn't mean that in the future I won't revisit and rectify this.

 The set gives a mix of the typical sailor outfits, the heavier coats and lighter shirts and peakless sailor caps. A nice mix as far as I'm concerned, I've always liked the idea of sailors fighting land battles due to what ever reasons. The Soviet navy got used fighting on land and being put in fights that realistically they couldn't win. 

 They are based for city fighting, I think it adds that extra dimension to the basing! It gives me a chance to do something different to the normal grass and tuft basing. 

 The set even includes a figure in a quilted jacket which I think is a nice touch! I'm no expert on WW2 so I've probably made a few mistakes but I'm happy with the overall look of these guys. I used to have a really good site saved that covered Soviet uniforms but I've lost it out of my favourites and despite looking and looking I can't find it! So that's the best excuse I can offer if ive messed up badly. 
 Well that's my take on Soviet Naval Infantry, so thanks for looking feel free to comment and catch you all soon

Thanks again cheers 

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

In Her Majesty's Name

Today I bring you something different! Well for me anyway. Northstar have a huge range of games, figures and accessories to choose from. I've looked at the IHMN range a couple of times but never really had the funds to spare! Well this time I had a few pennies to spare so I jumped in and picked up the "Brick Lane Commune" and also the "Scotland Yard Company" boxes. The Scotland Yard Company are still waiting to be painted but the "Brick Lane Commune" are done.

 The set contains 11figures and a bag of bottle grenades, the figures had a few mould lines but nothing to spoil the figures. I decided the bases needed something different so I used milliput to sculpt some flag stones into it.  

On to the figures and make up of the set! 

 First up the Poltical commissar with the red bible in hand! A true political agitator. Flanked by two Anarchists with clubs, neither of who I would like to meet down a dark alley! 

 The commissar doesn't stray to far without a bodyguard or two, this time accompanied by Anarchists with fighting knives. The red and black  scarves give away their true intentions! These two would literally cut and run. 

 The working class hero takes centre stage flanked by Incendiaries with bottle grenades. The fairer sex play their part in the Brick Lane Commune! Not just standing behind their men but along side them on the front line. 

 Lastly the armed Anarchists, all armed with shotguns, some are more brazen then others and show their faces freely! While others hide their faces for other reasons. 

So they are capture the look perfectly, they are exiled Russian, Jewish, and German intellectuals who are willing to fight the class war!  

So hopefully I've done these figures justice, are they lovely little figures and paint up a treat, so as always thanks for looking feel free to comment. 
Cheers for now Russ 

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Dead man's hand "The Outlaws"

I have finished up my Great Escape Games Dead man's hand Outlaws, once again I really enjoyed painting these guys. Lovely clean figures, a joy to paint and even in my opinion they look pretty good.
 Mean looking figures ready to rob banks and gun down anyone who gets in their way.
 I've strayed away from painting massed ranks of uniformed figures by painting these guys but I have enjoyed myself no end. 
 The poses of the figures aren't to way out and seem to capture the character of my idea of the West. Yep maybe my idea of the West is more Hollywood then realistic but I have spent many an happy hour or two watching westerns.  
 The boys begin taking pot shots at each other! No lead figures were harmed in the making of this post, Honest!!
 If you want to mess with these guys make sure you bring some protection, they don't look over friendly. 

So thanks for looking guys, feel free to comment. 
Keep looking and I will keep posting 
Cheers for now Russ 

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

The Cowboys

I painted a commission a few months back for Dead Mans Hand, the Tong and the Other Seven. Lovely figures and I enjoyed painting something a bit different! Well for me anyway. So after attending the Other Partizan I picked up some more figures for Dead Mans Hand,  The Cowboys, the Outlaws, and the Cavalry all appealed so I picked them up. The Cowboys appealed the most so I started painting them first, it's only taken a week or so to get these done so I'm pretty pleased with the turn around time.

I don't game anymore, or should I say it's being a long long time since I last gamed. I enjoy painting and collecting and to be honest I don't really miss gaming. That's not to say I won't get back into gaming at some point in the future. So on to the figures, the box contains seven nicely sculpted figures and seven MDF bases.
 Its being mentioned before but I'm pretty sure some of the figures are definitely based on film characters, maybe it's just me watching to many westerns. 
 Its very rare when it comes to figures like these that I don't go with my own colour schemes, I love having a bit of freedom when it comes to painting non uniformed types.
All in all I'm pretty happy with the results, I think the group sits well together and also as individual figures. 
 I got asked if I pay as much attention to painting the whole figures, or just the fronts! Hopefully this gives the answer. 

So thanks for looking, feel free to comment and i will post again soon 
Cheers for now Russ 

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Victrix Napoleonic French

Sometimes things sit on shelfs and kind of get forgotten about! Even when this shelf is directly above my paint table. I'm not really sure why but they must of being on the shelf for a couple "cough cough" of years at least. I planned to get them based on sunday but it just didnt happen.
   So onwards with my Victrix French infantry. Now I'm no expert so a few mistakes are bound to have occurred.

 They can be a pain to build but they do paint up really nicely, time consuming is a word I would use to describe them. 
 I haven't painted the eyes on these guys but they still seem to have worked out pretty good.  I think it was a case of not having the confidence. There have being times when I could easily of given up painting and plastic figures have being mainly at the forefront of that thinking. Don't ask me why but after tinkering with my style it seems to have worked out and I'm more chilled about my painting. Improving my painting was a big issue at one point. 

 Hopefully I've not made to many mistakes but heck they don't look to bad.

 well thanks for taking the time to check out my humble rambling blog, feel free to comment it's all welcome. 
So thanks again 
 Cheers for now Russ 

Sunday, 5 August 2018

A small fortress

I built this a few years ago but never really got round to photographing it. I suppose you would call it a generic fortress. It's built form polystyrene tiles, polystyrene packing, balsa wood and textured with a mix of sand, plaster
 I'm not the best photographer so please excuse the rather crappy photos. 
 The cobble stones are textured wallpaper, which at the time seened rather in fashion when it came to building terrain. 
 Its my biggest project when it comes to scratchbuilding terrain, hopefully it was worth the time and effort. 
 I tried to add separate levels and plenty of room for figures. 
 The rocky outcrop on which it stands all adds to it's defensive position. 
 Patches of exposed stonework add to the overall look of what are almost plain looking walls in some respects. 
 Hopefully you've enjoyed looking at this just a fraction of how much enjoyment i got from building it.

 So as always thanks for looking 
Cheers for now Russ