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Saturday, 4 April 2020

Wargames foundry Old West

There was a time when Wargames Foundry was a much more commonly mentioned company, wargame magazines had plush pictures of their latest additions and in full colour! The world of Miniatures as changed and developed massively in the last few decades and we as gamers and collectors we have never had it so good IMHO.

So on to the figures, the Old West

This guys are slightly smaller then the more modern figures we are getting used to but they still stand up well against some of the newer figures.

 some of these guys look familiar but maybe that's because I've watched more Westerns over the years then I should of.

 the undertaker on the right looks like he might be in for quite a bit of business! 

 I'm pretty sure some of these guys could easy step in as Pickerton men. 

 a splash of colour here and there just to break up the greys and browns. 

 most of these guys would definitely look at home on the streets of Tombstone. 

So thanks for looking, hope all you guys are staying safe in this weird time. It feels kind of surreal with everything happening in the world but stay safe and look after the ones you love. 

Al, the best cheers Russ  

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Back to the desert

I decided to return to my Afrikakorps and added a couple more squads and another mortar team. It seems weird painting stuff like this while the season here is the exact opposite, least I've morries about getting a suntan or heat stroke. The infantry are Warlord Games plastic and the mortar team is part of the metal support box.
                                                             First Squad

I've added my usual mix of uniforms and mixed in parts from the Panzer Grenadier set. There is something missing if a few figures haven't got rolled up sleeves and a mix of parts from the other sets.

So all in all I'm pretty happy with the outcome, they may not be 100% accurate but im happy with them. The spares box is growing but the way I mix and match parts from the plastic sets it's not very often a part doesn't find a new use or purpose. There are always nice bits and pieces that can be drafted into use even if there not designed to be used as such! But Hey that's the beauty of plastics! Cut, stick, saw and drill it's much easier when using plastic parts. 

 Second Squad 

 Once again parts used from the spares box include bits from the panzer grenadiers set. I did find the arms that come with the Afrikakorps a bit repetitive but with a bit of imagination and cutters, glue and spare arms, quite a lot can be achieved relatively easily. 

Mortar Team 

 These guys are just cleaned up and painted, I've no greenstuff at present so head swaps haven't been an option. I Normally have the compulsion to cut off a few heads and swap them about on metal figures.  Even mixing in a few plastic heads if they look right.

So that's about it for my latest post, I'm getting back into my stride hobby wise and hopefully it wont be long before I'm posting again.
  So keep looking and I will keep posting 

  Cheers for now Russ 

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Night Goblins

I've always liked Games Workshop stuff so a few years back I picked up some Goblins, I think it was the battle of skull pass boxed set! Over the years I've painted bits and pieces up from the set but never really got to grips with them. I painted some up and then got side tracked with other projects! Then I strayed across the goblin Fanatiks box set! Cracking little figures and built up and painted up look the buzz.

So to the figures
              The rank and file, with the boss up front with his pet

The Fanatiks 
New and old figures 

The new Fanatiks have quite a few little bits and pieces to decorate the bases, and if nothing else it gave me a chance to have a crack at mushrooms. 

So there we have it my Goblin force in all its black and green glory.

So thanks for looking, keep looking and I will keep posting
 Cheers for now Russ 

Thursday, 27 February 2020

Warlords Fallschirmjagers

I have finally got around to sorting out the last remaining Fallschirmjagers that I have, some have sat half painted and some almost finished for quite a while now. So now they are done! It's taken a long long time to get back around to them.

 They are a mix of plastic and metal figures but I reckon they sit real well with each other and paint up a treat. As always I like to mix the uniforms up abit, I think it adds to the overall look of them but not enough to spoil them.

Short and sweet this one I'm afraid but some oddments of Waffen SS have now made it to the paint table and are crying out to be completed.
     So thanks for looking
         Cheers for now Russ

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Tiger Tiger burning bright

I got these little fellas last saturday and couldn't wait to start on them, they are the recon patrol figures from Empress Miniatures Vietnam range. Six figures in total and beautifully sculpted by Paul Hicks, now I've been a fan of this range since day one and if things continue like this I'm sure I will be adding more and figures as the range grows.

The figures arrived in excellent condition and with very slight casting lines which are easy to file away.
They do look as good in real life as the photos portray,  they have a mix of weapons and carry the mountain of kit you would expect.

The full recon squad

They really do paint up a treat, I'm not the world's greatest photographer but hopefully they are good enough to give you an idea how detailed these figures are.

 I have had quite a bit of feedback on the Tiger stripe so fingers crossed time allowing I will do a couple of tutorials around US Vietnam based uniforms, so watch this space as they say. 
I do have another team which hopefully will be in ERDL camo but that will depend on how well or how badly my attempt at the camo turns out. 

Finally my full 3 squads so far 

So the project continues, I have another full squad of Marines to add when time arises and of course the stalled squads of VC! I really cant get to grips with them I'm afraid. So thanks for looking, I'm keen to see what else Empress have to offer as this range grows.

Thanks for looking 
   Cheers Russ