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Wednesday, 5 January 2022


 I have tried to spilt my time between these guys and a little diorama I'm working on in 54mm. I've finally got these guys finished, 28mm Victrix miniatures in plastic!  

The leader steps forward followed by his stout hearted warriors.

I've said so many times how much I like plastic figures and when they look this good who can name me.

The kit takes some building, I think Victrix sometimes are not as straight forward as some kits, but like most things the more you build the easier it becomes. They do include instructions so it's just a case of matching the parts which are all marked on the frames. 

The sight you wouldn't want to see if your a monk minding your own business. 

As always with Victrix you get a lot for your money, if I remember correctly you get 60 figures in the bag.  A couple of command frames and then plenty of warriors both in chainmail and plain dress. Axes, swords and spears are all included and plenty of shields in various sizes. I love painting shields despite the time element, they are certainly worth the effort. 

Over the years I've collected Dark Ages figures on and off, from lots of different manufacturers! Both plastic and metal figures, I sometimes think plastics in certain circles still have a slight stigma. The plastic figures of old definitely wouldn't be able to compete with modern day figures! Hard plastic figures have so much going for them compared to the soft plastics of my childhood days, I still look fondly at Airfix figures which brought a whole world of enjoyment into my life. 

Well once again that brings my humble blog post to an end, thanks for reading. Please feel free to comment and I will post again soon.
   Cheers for now Russ 

Sunday, 17 October 2021

Wargames Atlantic Irish

 I didn't post any pictures of these guys when I painted them, they now have a New home and hopefully my good friend will not mind me posting these Pictures. Wargames Atlantic are a company that is truly going from strength to strength, plastics still have a slight stigma but anyone who's read my blog will know I'm a true fan. That could have something to do with the fact that I love cutting up figures and converting them, and plastic makes this so very very easy. 

The Irish

When I first saw these guys I decided to pick up a box first chance I got, so on a trip to the coast I dropped into Mighty Lancer Games in Bridlington. First class shop and first class service, I've used the mail order a few and can honestly say I've never had a single issue with them. So back to the Irish! Plenty of parts and plenty of choice, and plenty of left over bits for the bits box. 

        The Horde all together 

The cloaks proved to be fun to paint even if they were a tad challenging, I do enjoy painting dark age that includes the shields. I maybe a glutton for punishment but adding that last part of freehand work makes a perfect end to painting the figures. 

The cloaks maybe a tad simplified but I reckon for the scale it doesn't detract from the end result.

16 spears, 8 swords, 1 chieftain with a bannerman and of course how could I do Irish without adding the dogs. 

No warband is complete with the rank and file ready to die for fight for their leader.

The chieftan and his most trusted men

Once again I'm incredibly bad at taking photos but hopefully they give you a good idea of how they turned out. 

Well thats another post, so thanks for looking 
    Cheers for now Russ 

Saturday, 16 October 2021


 I've had abit of time off, but I'm slowly getting back into things. It's been a rough year and I'm not afraid to say it broke me. Things are getting better and I can't think of a better way to come back then with some dark age goodness.


I've always liked the idea of a Viking force, and last Christmas I got the very real beginnings of a full on Warband. These guys are truly a mix of Warlord Games with a few Dixon and the odd Gripping Beast figures thrown in for good measure.


Where better to start then with these guys! Bristling with muscle and brute force, these guys definitely aren't knocking unless it's knocking the door down. 

The core troops of the sons of Odin.
They are a mix of Dixon (shield wall figures) and of course Warlord Games. Despite my original concerns these guys sit side by side without looking out of place.

Dixon Miniatures 
All Dixon these guys, 3 beserkers and 3 Shield wall figures

The force moves forward, spot the Gripping Beast figure loitering at the back! The gleaming bald head gives him away, if I remember correctly he was a freebie when I bought 3 boxes of the plastic Saxons and Vikings.

The leaders
These guys look the part, proper looking Vikings from Warlord Games.

The sneaky little Gripping Beast figure with balding head muscles in, he ain't bothered by the Warlord Games guys outnumbering him.

More Colin Patterson sculpts, if I'm wrong please feel free to berate and set me straight. 

The latest recruits just waiting to give their lifes in the fight against Christians! Or pretty much anyone who stands in their way.  I say latest recruits but even these guys were painted quite a while back.

Well that about rounds up my first post for quite a while, hopefully life will settle and my passion for posting will continue for a short while if nothing else. 

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment and catch up with more goodies soon.
Cheers for now Russ 

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

The clearout continues

 Between Christmas, New Year and life in general the clearout which was proceeding at full speed ground to a halt! Well I'm back to trying to clear some space which is something that's in short supply. 

This time I'm clearing some Bolt Action Americans, I have a full 4 squads of 10 men in each. They are a varying mix of New and Old Warlord Games plastic figures.

                                                                          SQUAD 1 





I will hopefully be getting to clear out more stuff soon, please checkout The Miniatures Page for details. 
So thanks for looking cheers Russ 

Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Special forces part 3

                       Some special conversions 

When I placed my order from Empress Miniatures (Late Christmas present to myself) the intention was to bulk out my special forces with some of the Australian figures from their Vietnam range! I did get carried away and jumped straight into the new special forces figures, they are now all done so I got out the greenstuff and did the business with the first batch of Australians. Minimal work was required, thankfully sometimes I can fluke it with greenstuff so the less sculpting the better. 

      Bare metal and Greenstuff 

 the ammo pouches were cut down, and then the pockets were sculpted on the right leg. A small amount of repair work was required on the left leg but it was mainly cosmetic. Then a strap was added to the M16, luckily the water bottles and equipment are pretty much a straight paint job.


The greenstuff was left overnight to cure and then it was down to getting them coloured in. 

 The three guys in all their glory! A mix of ERDL camou, Tiger stripe and good old green fatigues. I left the rope attached, my thinking is that even US troops carried rope. 


 All in all I reckon it works! I'm no expert but i think they look pretty good. I still have the last guy out of the pack carrying a SLR so I'm still considering what to do with him. Australians may just be the agenda! 

So thanks for looking, feel free to comment! 
All the very best cheers Russ 

Saturday, 30 January 2021

Special Forces part2

                                    Military assistance command Vietnam SOG! 

Part 2, finally got the next batch finished! These guys once again are absolutely stunning little figures, Empress Miniatures really are raising the bar higher and higher! I had never really looked into these guys until I ordered these. The SEALs I have researched before and knew bits and pieces about them but these guys completely stayed under my radar until now. 

I've always had an interest in Vietnam, movies are as always part of that but hey whats wrong with being inspired by a film! Sometimes thats all thats needed to spark an interest or even an obsession. Also watching the series "Tour of duty" certainly brought it to the forefront of my mind. So on to the guys, lovely clean little sculpts, bursting with character! Paul Hicks and Empress Miniatures have hit the spot with these guys. The range goes from strength to strength and the monster grows. 

                           The team 

 The point guy. Dressed in captured uniform and equipment, and armed with the enemies weapon of choice. Much better chance of survival, blend in and stay alive. 

 Second guy in, suppressed weapon and a look of steel on his face. The sten gun gives him the ability to fire from a prone position without presenting a bigger target then needed.

 Third guy in carrying what I can only say is my favourite weapon of the set of figures. Of course he sports a moustache that wouldn't look out of place in the movies.

 Fourth guy in, one of the locals recruited and doing his best to blend in. Quite a few of these guys proved to be invaluable. 

 Fifth guy in the patrol, team leader once again made up of the local population, sporting Tigerstripe and carrying US kit. 

 Sixth guy, the rear guard. Another local in US service despite his mixed dress and US equipment. 

 The full team, pushing deep into enemy territory. These guys capture the look perfectly in my book, they definalty took the fight to the enemy and unfortunately paid the highest price for their bravery and commitment. 

You can probably guess with me its all about the figures! History as always been a passion of mine but figures are even a bigger passion. 

So thanks for looking, keep looking and I will keep posting. Feel free to comment and I will post again real soon.

Cheers for now Russ