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Saturday, 4 March 2017

My latest Commission

I returned my latest commission to its owner today. He is a happy man which means so am I! So without further delay here is Games Workshops Maulerfiend
 Classic red and gold to match the rest of his collection, I do keep saying it but Games Workshop do make some very nice stuff ! 
 Sotek green as a limited accent colour and of course blood oozing from fleshy parts where the mechanical parts meet each other. 
 The base was kept simple but a small amount of detail was added, the rusty metal and razor wire will pop once the snow as being adeed. The snow will be added but not by me, I did add a couple of extra bits but I forgot to take another photo. An abandoned guardmans rifle and helmet added a point of interest just to suggest an unseen enemy. 
So that about wraps up this post! So thanks for looking and catch you all soon
Cheers for now Russ


  1. Lovly work! Armour and flesh look fantastic.

    1. Thanks Michal, it's a weird looking thing but it's painted up a treat.

  2. Impressive work Russ! Like it a lot!


  3. Thanks Peter,the customer is a very happy man.

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  5. Thank you for the kind words, sorry I appear to have missed some replies

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