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Saturday, 28 March 2015

The 26th Coloured Infantry

I have completed my next federal regiment, the 26th coloured infantry. I didn't want to do the 54th straight away, so I decided to do my second choice first so I would have the drive to complete "GLORY" at a later date.
 Unfortunately the light today is terrible, its overcast and raining so I did the best I could! so forgive me if the pics are not the best.
 I found two versions of the flag, one with a plain blue side and another version with the same design on both sides, so I decided on the version with plain blue on the reserve. I just think it looked more correct so no real historical fact swayed me.
 I don't think I did any real conversions on these fellas except maybe a blanket roll or two, and possibly the drummer boy may have being a head swap, but I first attempted them many years ago and I have retouched some and repainted some completely. so I really cant remember clearly enough to be certain. So thanks for looking as my blog hopefully continues to offer an enough of a draw for people to keep coming back and checking out my humble blog.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Strong Vincent, hero of little round top
On the second day of Gettysburg Strong Vincent gave his life for the Union, Gettysburg was never really a draw for me until recently! what changed I am not really sure. I started to read bits and pieces about the Iron Brigade and the 20th Maine, Chamberlain I knew from watching the feature film Gettysburg but Strong Vincent I didn't really know about. So his bushy sideburns and riding crop were added to a Dixon Mini and Strong was born.
I hope to do a few more commands soon but we shall see what time constraints allow. So hopefully he looks the part, a bit of greenstuff and lead rod he was good to go.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Black Hatted Devils

I have a new addition to my slowly growing Federal forces, the 2nd Wisconsin

They are once again Dixon Miniatures, I have thrown a conversion or two just to add that bit more to the unit. The main conversion is a cigar chewing Sergeant with pistol in his hand

The other conversions are simple musket swaps, so some off the guys firing now have bayonets fitted.
Some figures have detail on the knapsacks and canteens, trouble is I'm not good enough to carry it off with a close up photo. It has helped give a little bit more to the unit which I think they deserve , 2nd, US and the Maltese cross are all decorations I have attempted to add. So thanks for looking