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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Stonewall Jackson

I have struggled lately to find time to paint so today I grabbed the time with both hands. So I used the time to finish up good old General Jackson, he truly was an outstanding General and had he lived who knows!
He is a Dixon figure and what character he has, cracking little figure, paints well and looks like a true general. 
OK I'm a little bit biased, I wouldn't have hundreds of the little guys if I didn't like them. TJ Jackson was a true God fearing man and seemed to firmly believe that God alone would choose his time to leave this world. Virginia lost a true son when he passed! 

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Berdans Sharpshooters
I started my Berdans sharpshooters a while ago but they have received a bit of interest elsewhere on the WEB  so I decided why not add them to my blog. I have done a lot of conversions on these due to having a bit of a soft spot for them, and anyone who knows me will know that I can help myself with conversions.
  The command stand
 The officer started life as J chamberlain "bayonets" cracking little figure in its own right but I thought he would make a good officer for my Berdans, so off came the arm and a new one was made from greenstuff , the pistol was also scratched from greenstuff and I added a bit more facial hair. All figures on the command stand are conversions of one sort or another.
 My full force of Berdans so far, I cant recall which ones are conversions I have done that many, from simple weapon swaps to hacking figures in two and making a completely new figure.
 Finally my favourite piece the prone figure firing over the dead horse! the other guy on the base is two figures once again used to make a unique figure reaching into his cartridge pouch. So I have put a lot of work into these guys but I think its being well worth it, and I haven't finished with them yet!