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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Wounded cavalryman

I had a bit of time today so I finished up my latest conversion
 He started life as a Dixon wounded cowboy figure, and a dead horse. The head was swapped over for one with a kepi, a plastic card and greenstuff pistol holster and small conversion on the revolver. 
 Biggest part of the work was painting details, the blue and yellow kepi! The stripe down the outside of the trouser legs. 
 The Sharpe's carbine is from the Perry plastic ACW cavalry set, I kept all the spare parts from the set when I built my Soviet WW2 cavalry. I'm a magpie when it comes to saving bits and pieces from kits that I don't use, you never know when they will fit the bill perfectly. 
 I still have a lot of bits and pieces that I'm working on for my ACW collection, some slightly more complex and more time consuming then this one, but never the less they will all hopefully add that bit more character to my collection.
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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Iron Brigade Command Stand

After watching Gettysburg again I decided to give my black hats a command stand. I'm really not sure if Lee was all he supposed to be! but I suppose even good commanders have bad days. Longstreet seemed to have a better grasp of events at Gettysburg but I've not read enough to confirm if the film is correct or not. Anyhow back to my latest addition
 straight forward paint job on these. No conversion work, no swapping heads just paint and base. There is something really satisfying about painting 2 or 3 figures and being able to base them and your done and dusted! 
 the base is given a little bit more with it being a command stand. The low stone wall just finishes off the base nicely. 
 I think the flag has got to be the easiest flag I have ever painted, white with a red spot in the centre! Simple, simple and simple. I also managed to finish up the barn in the background, its amazing what you can do with foam core board, balsa wood and old cereal packets! and a big dollop of PVA glue!  
 I plan on splitting my hobby time between additions to my Napoleonic collection and of course more goodies for my ACW collection. Although with my butterfly mind anything is possible and the smallest spark of an idea could throw all my plans straight out of the window. 
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