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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Dads Army

I have finally finished my first batch of Dads Army box set characters
 Even ARP Warden Hodges is included, both in uniform and civilian dress! Well grocers overall. They are cracking little figures and my painting doesn't do them justice. 
 Napoleon "Mainwaring" looks a little slim from the front but he has the structure from the side. Pike looks ready to mow down any and all on comers with his tommy gun. Private walker has a crafety fag and lance-corporal Jones is ready with his bayonet. Godfrey looks ready with tea and sympathy and if all else fails an asprin. Frazer's eye brows almost scream we're doomed! And of course Uncle Arthur or Sergeant Wilson that is if your not private pike. I've tried to paint them true to the series, I'm more than happy with the results! 
 The photos hopefully give a reasonable account of these little fellas! I didn't really watch Dads Army while I was growing up but maybe that was a good thing! I get to enjoy the show even more now. 
 so thanks for looking and hopefully i should be posting again real soon
Cheers for now Russ 

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Warlord Games Panthers

My Panthers are well on the way to being finished! Its being my first bash on using my Airbrush, a prezzie from my better half bless her. I'm happy with the results for my first attempt, I still have a long way to go but its a start
 I have also made a second attempt at camouflage netting, which I can happily say is better than my first attempt! Hopefully with a bit more tweaking I will have it nailed and be in a position to do a tutorial! 
 I still have a bit of damage, muck and dirt to add, the tracks need finishing off and I have a commander to paint. 
 For easy to build kits they paint up pretty neat and look the part, they arn't quite in Tamiyas league but not having too many parts to put together is a God send in the time stakes, and it means less parts to break off with my clumsy hands. The Panzer iv is still under construction but its also a cracking kit and hopefully it should make an appearance before the new year! 
 So thanks for looking 
                                  Cheers for now Russ