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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Warlord Games Kriegsmarine Squad

Bolt Action Miniatures Kriegsmarine box set.
So after a slight break I am back into my Bolt Action collection, these little gems had my name wrote on them as soon as I saw them. Cracking little figures and something a little bit different for my German forces. I have based them to add to my defence of Berlin forces, rubble strewn bases and a few extra details added to them just to make them stand out a little bit more
 First up the full squad in all its blue and grey glory, the cap on the officer looks pulled down slightly to far but not enough to spoil the figure. Although when I first got the box set the smg he carried was broken which did dampen my enthusiasm for them a tad, but Warlord Games came through and replace him for me. One thing you cant fault Warlord on is their after sales service, disappointing to find damaged figures but things normally get rectified quickly once you contact them.

 I really made an effort with the basing and hopefully it shows, I tried to add lots of little touches to really bring them to life. I can see me adding a second box to collection, I really like them that much. So thanks for looking and hopefully I will post more soon
        cheers Russ

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Games Workshop Chaos Marauders
Once in a while Fantasy calls! This time I finished up my Chaos Marauders, I am still in the process of thinning out my collection of unpainted stuff and trying to regain control of my hobby room. I am still a fan of GW but just as I get interested in it again "Things change! AOS" round or oval bases? not sure about that one! I am pretty set in my ways and very reluctant to change. Age of Sigmar or as I have seen it repeatedly called "space marines with bows and swords" is an unusual direction for Warhammer to go! I no longer game but I do collect and paint Warhammer Stuff! I don't like GW ethics or their pricing but I do like their figures. I suppose from my point of view its not such an issue, I only buy what I like although it has being a good few years since I seriously purchased more than the odd bit and piece. Anyway back to the reason I'm posting Chaos Marauders in all their plastic painted glory
 The basing is pretty straight forward sand, fine gravel and a few small stones thrown in for good measure. I think the sprinkling of static grass "dead" I think is its description just finishes the bases off nicely, I have a Chaos Daemon prince under the paint brush so now its deciding if its a winged daemon or not, but hopefully that will be next posting as far as Warhammer is concerned. So thanks for looking and the way it going my next posting could be absolutely anything, Variety is the spice of life after all
cheers Russ