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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Chaos Terrain

Well it's being a long week but I've managed to finish up my latest masterpiece from bits I've had laying around for a while.
 It's more chaos fantasy terrain, I sold the temple I made! So I decided to make another piece. The bulk of it is foam insulation board, carved, shaped and covered with plaster to add texture. The rocks are again cork board that's being ripped into shape to add that nice rough texture. The skulls on the pillars and the skull set into the slabs are also carved out of foam board. 
 Once the whole thing was painted it was time to add some static grass, it had to be dead grass purely to give it that proper chaos dead feel. 
 Then it was add a bit of detail, out came the spares box. That's one thing about Games Workshop kits, they nearly always come with loads of spare parts. 
Some parts were cut up or altered slightly so they would sit on the terrain better, and of course I had to add some scratch built bits! They are only candles but for a first attempt I don't think they turned out not to shabby
 So what's next? I'm not sure but scratch building is addictive and I've still got loads of ideas! So anything is possible!

So thanks for looking, 
Cheers for now Russ 

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Games Workshop Assault Squad

I have finished up my next Ultramarines in what feels like record time.  Fair enough there are only 5 of them but even so I'm impressed with how they have turned out. So once again they appear in my take of the Ultramarine blue.
 I've continued with the same theme for the bases so they will all tie in together once finished. The only thing I'm disappointed in with Games Workshop are the transfers! OK it could be me but I struggle to get them to sit on the shoulder pads correctly. I cut them out as close to the out line of the detail as possible but some still don't sit right on the shoulder pads. I even cut out the centre's of the transfers to try and help it curve over the surface but even so I'm not entirely happy with the results. 
 Other than that and the cost of some of their stuff I'm enjoying being back into Warhammer stuff! This is what happens when you start painting for other people, you paint stuff you normally wouldn't and it gets you back to stuff you haven't touched in years. 
 So there you go another post almost completed, two in a short space of time! I must be on a roll! 
So thanks for looking
                   cheers for now Russ