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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Confederate Cavalry

I have being working on 2 new units for my Confederate forces, I have done my usual chop, stick and greenstuff on them. They are my favourite Dixon miniatures, with a few spares thrown into the mix from the Perry plastic ACW cavalry box set. 
 I decided to add a couple of shotguns in for good measure, and the standard bearer is converted from a figure I damaged a while back! The bugler's arm is a plastic one from the ACW cavalry box! It fits a treat, the pistol hands are on the small side so I didn't use them but the sabre arms fit in a treat. 
 The red shirted guy on the right with the shotgun is a cut in half infantry firing a shotgun! Artistic licence maybe but it looks the part. 
 That's my first unit, so now on to my next unit!
 Once again lots of conversions, including some of the horses, I ordered a couple from the wild west range and with a bit of filing and greenstuffing they fit the bill perfectly. I've tried to add variety to the uniforms, not to uniform but Rebel enough!
 The guy firing the sharps one handed may also be artistic licence but once again he looks the part. I've probably missed some conversions but I do get carried away once I start cutting them up. Don't get me wrong it's no reflection on Dixon miniatures they are cracking figures, but converting them to me is a big part of my hobby! 
 So to finish up a nice group shot of all 24, I still have plans to add more Cavalry but I'm running out of room so my plans may need to be curtailed slightly. 

So thanks for looking
   Cheers for now Russ