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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Games Workshop Blitza-Bommer

I was asked by my local model shop to paint up a ork bommer for a customer, so what could I say other than yes! It means I've neglected my own hobby time but I'm rather impressed with the end results.
 I had free rein on painting it, so I'm hoping it turned out orky enough! 
 I'm no expert with the camera and the photos where a little rushed but I'm hoping it gives a good account of the model.
 I've added a few bits of freehand work to try and capture the overall look.
 "Orks rulz" was the obvious starting point, then it just seemed natural to add a few more bits!
 I think its all come together nicely! 
 so thanks for looking and I will hopefully manage to polish off a few more bits for myself pretty soon.
Thanks for looking
Cheers for now Russ 

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Chaos chariot

I have finally finished up my GW chaos chariot, lovely little model except for a couple of small issues which I will cover as I go along.
 I painted the horses to match the chaos horsemen "sorry BB black horses again I'm afraid"  so hopefully the black still looks black enough and not dark grey. The horses only have one hoof each making contact with the base which made it difficult to set the horses in place for the harness. I pinned both horses to the base and then pinned the harness to the horses, it seems to have worked and the horses now seem fairly sturdy. 
 That was the first of the issues I came across, the second issue relates directly to this. The reins are plastic and for the life of me I couldn't get them to join up correctly, so I scrapped the plastic parts and decided to make my own! 
 so I used good old dental floss, a ring was glued into the drivers hand, the dental floss doubled up, threaded through the ring and then run through the guides and down to the horses mouths. The bit was bent wire to form a ring on each side of the horses heads, the dental floss then threaded through the rings and glued in place. It was easily done compared to trying to line up the moulded plastic reins, then try to run them through the guides and then try to attach the y shaped piece to the horses mouths! 
 It would be interesting to hear if anyone else has had the same issue with the reins, or was it just me! 
So thanks for looking guys, hopefully my next post will be sooner rather than later.

Thanks again for looking cheers for now Russ 

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Chaos Horsemen

I've being a bit unwell lately, nothing serious but it was enough to effect my painting and my hobby time in general. So now I'm starting to feel better I have cracked on and finished up my Chaos Horsemen.
 They have painted up quite nicely, I tried to limit the colour palette and it seems to have had the desired effect. The figures are a real tight fit to the horses, I always try and paint the riders and horses separately! So when I came to put the riders in place they removed some paint from the saddles. It wasn't a massive issue but it also meant once in place the riders didn't need glueing in place.
 The black on the horses hopefully still looks black enough, its always easy to highlight black and it end up looking grey! 
 I still have more chaos stuff to paint up, a chariot, some more knights, 10 in total and about 20 more marauders. I've always liked Games Workshop stuff, it always paints up nicely in my opinion, and although a bit expensive compared to other manufacturers I don't think I have ever being disappointed with any of their stuff I have built and painted. 
 So thanks for looking hopefully now I'm feeling better I may be able to get back to posting slightly more regularly, I have some more Dixon ACW on the paint table so they could be next!