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Friday, 25 March 2016

Perry miniatures Light Dragoons

I'm having a good spell of finishing up projects at the moment and here's the next lot. The "Queens own" 16th
 They are more cracking plastics from Perry Miniatures, I'm no expert on Napoleonics but they look good to me! The box gives you enough parts to build 14 figures in total and gives you the option to build them in a variety of ways. The early years appeal more to me but it looks like if you order more horse spruces from perry miniatures you have enough left over parts to build the later uniform troopers from the box. So you get double the amount of troopers so if you don't stick the figures to the horses you could swap them over, and field them as early and late regiments. 
 I have had a few issues with posting/moving photos today so I will have to try and take a few more tomorrow if time allows. 
So thanks for looking 
Cheers for now Russ 

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Dismounted Confederate Cavalry part2

More Rebs have made their way into my collection, surprise surprise! me painting more Rebs. I have added a few more conversions, as always I couldn't help myself. I think once you've got a few conversions under your belt it becomes addictive. So here they are in all their glory.
They do seem to tie together nicely despite the varied uniforms, from red shirts, waistcoats to almost full uniform. 
 I have always enjoyed painting Dixon Miniatures, and I kind of think it shows! I don't think I've really found any figures yet that I don't like, and I do own quite a few. 
 Here's one of the conversions, the guy at the left hand side started off as part of the Alamo range, easy weapon swap and a bit of greenstuff finished him off nicely. 
 Next two conversions, left hand side again red shirt and weapon swap from a carbine to a shotgun. Right hand side red shirt again, he started off from the plains wars range. Ammo pouch sculpted on the back of his belt and a head swap to finish him off.
 and finally a shot of both lots of dismounted cavalry together. I also managed to finish the scratch built house in the back ground! I'm on a roll for finishing up stuff so hopefully it will be my British Napoleonic dragoons next.

So keep looking and I will keep posting
Cheers for now Russ 

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Games workshops Ungors

I finished up my Ungors today, it was a quick win they have being sat half finished for a while now.
 The command group was the biggest pain to complete, mainly due to the banner. 
 I have changed my style slightly for the flesh, its not my favourite finish but it does the job. 
 I prefer chaos and evil forces, they seem more fun to paint. These will be another unit I will try and sell on! I'm running out of space fast and I have my eye on a couple more additions to my ACW! I need to keep my wife sweet so thinning my collection out a bit won't do any harm on those stakes. 
 so thanks for looking as always my butterfly mind may throw something else into the mix before I get my next unit of dismounted Confederate cavalry finished or my British light Dragoons!

So catch you all soon 
Cheers for now Russ 

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Confederate dismounted cavalry

I proudly present my latest addition to my Confederate forces
 They are a real mix of characters, there are a couple of conversions thrown in for good measure! I really can't help myself I'm afraid. 
 They are from left to right. First one standard bearer! he was sadly missing an arm and head so he was stuck back together using various spare parts. Next one up trumpeter! He was a kneeling Indian scout, once again head removed and replaced and a bugle added. Last but not least the fifth figure across. Crouching low with a carbine, he started life as a cowboy carrying a shotgun! Shotgun removed and a ammo pouch added to the rear of his belt. I wouldn't say I'm addicted to converting figures but I do get a massive kick out of it. 
 The mix of uniforms and civilian clothing seem to be the standard image of the Confederate forces, so hopefully they are not to much of a mix and match assortment. 
 So thanks for looking and I will hopefully post more additions real soon

Cheers for now Russ 

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

ACW latest additions

I have finished up and based my latest addition to my Union forces, I have a passion for the American Civil War and have had for over three decades! I started out with Airfix and Esci soft plastic figures, I converted hundreds of them. I gave the whole collection to my brother who promptly sold it all for a tenner at a bring and buy! I was gutted! Then I discovered Dixon Miniatures new line of figures for the ACW, I bought a few and became hooked and I have collected them ever since. Now that's a lot of years and a lot of hours spent painting, my collection has undergone one major refurb which as seen most of my collection repainted and rebased. New additions have slowed down I must admit! but I'm hoping to remedy that going worward. So drum roll please
 My Union forces were mainly cavalry based, and after adding 5 infantry Regiments early last year I decided to add another regiment of Dismounted Cavalry. 
 The lighting wasn't the best but we did have some snow this morning so while the weak sun made its appearance I did my best to grab the opportunity.
 There are a couple of conversions thrown in for good measure, bugler being one, and a slightly more advanced conversion. The top half of one and the bottom half of another, he is first left in the second picture. 
 So thanks for looking, thanks for reading my endless ramblings and 
Catch you all soon cheers Russ