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Sunday, 12 May 2019

Soviet MG team

It's being a busy few weeks and real life as took over much more than I expected, but I've finished up a small piece for my BA collection. Once again they are plastic figures from Warlord Games in Winter kit. It's taken a good few weeks to complete, its basically being grab a few minutes here and there but I got there in the end.

 I decided to add a bit more extra detail to the base then I normally would, the upturned table Is plastic card and rod. The woodgrain is etched into the plastics surface, there was a time I would use balsa wood but plastic card holds the detail better and is a lot more robust. Ok balsa is easier to cut but other than that plastic wins hands down everytime. 

 The bricks are made from old vinyl floor tiles, scored and snapped to size. This gives the rough edges which I think is perfect for bricks in this scale. I've added bits and pieces of kit from both the Soviet sets and the German boxes. 

 The oil drum is from Tamiya but other then that all the parts that aren't scratchbuilt are ftom Warlord Gsmes. The rubble strewn bases help portray city fighting, which was both brutal and up close and personal. The entrenching tool is quite an effective weapon when it comes to hand to hand fighting so it only seemed appropriate to have one close to hand should the enemy get close enough. 

 A few grass tufts to help finish the base off and it's done. I'm still plugging away on another ACW unit which hopefully will be finished slightly quicker then this piece, although I'm not making any promises.

 So thanks for looking, I appreciate every visit to my humble! Feel free to comment and catch you soon with hopefully a new addition to my ACW collection.

 Thanks again 
                Cheers for now Russ 

Friday, 26 April 2019

The 10th Tennessee

Its been a while since I last added anything to my ACW collection and where better to start then a new unit of Rebs. I have a slight bias towards the southern states so I suppose it had to be a Rebel unit and an Irish one at that. I added an Irish unit to my Union forces so it's only fare to even up the odds.

As always my favourite Dixon Miniatures! I planned not to add any conversions but I couldn't find any suitable standard bearers so I had to convert a couple. So on to the troops

 24 little masterpieces, I'm talking about the sculpting not my painting. I'm a painter and collector so I only add units that catch my imagination or look different and despite the Blue and Grey backdrop to the uniforms there is still scope for some colour. 

 the rows of grey always need that bit of colour and what better colour to complement it than red. I've added a bit of variation in the uniforms rather than clad them all identically. 

 I have plans to add a few more units despite not having enough space to display them, but that's not going to stop me! I may have to have a bit of a clear out again. 

And finally a few pics of the guys lining up in front of camp. 

So hopefully Irish eyes are smiling, I know my eyes are smiling. I keep saying how much I enjoy my painting and yes once again I have enjoyed painting these guys. 

So thanks for looking, feel free to comment and I will hopefully post again real soon. 
Cheers for no

Friday, 5 April 2019

Savage Giants

I've being busy working on a small commission of giant proportion! Two Savage Giants from CMON for a Song of ice and fire. Really nice figures and a joy to paint, I've seen a few episodes of Game of Thrones so I was familiar with these guys. I didn't expect them to paint up as well as they have and to be honest I surprised myself.
                                          Big Red

  Big, full of muscles and red haired!  and of course just to show his soft side he has a pet mouse to keep him company 

 these guys to me really capture the look of savage giants, well at least in my eyes. 

Old Grey

 Older and perhaps wiser! But I wouldn't want to get close enough to find out! 

 the snow on the bases just adds that wintry touch to them. This guy doesn't have a pet unless you class his tree as a pet. Maybe its Groot in a previous life! Sorry bad joke I know.

I'm pleased to say they have arrived safely back home and the owner is well pleased! 

So next up I plan on finishing my Terminators and restarting an old project! 

So keep looking I will be posting again real soon! Well that's the plan.

Thanks for looking
                             Cheers for now Russ 

Saturday, 23 March 2019

It's Hammer Time

I'm getting close to completing my squad of Terminators, Shields and Hammers! How cool do these guys look, yes I'm slightly biased but they do look hardcore! I forgot how good GW's stuff looks and how much I rate their stuff. Now price is sometimes an issue but for the pure pleasure of seeing these guys up close and full of detail ,makes it worth it!

       The first four completed.

The Shields and Hammers really make these guys look like trouble, I added the yellow to the shields to make them pop a tad more. 

 I've still got a couple more to paint, although one is my Space Marine Commander in Terminator armour and the other is getting equipped with power claws! I think the leader deserves to armed slightly differently. 

 I'm still toying with adding a few more bits of detail to the bases, I like the ripped up cork but I think it needs breaking up a tad with something. 

 so that's about it for this post, I will finish up with a few shots of the individual figures 

So thanks for looking 
  Cheers for now Russ 

Saturday, 16 March 2019

40k Terminator and a few marines

I've finished a few bits and pieces this week and here they are. It's more of a mixed bag then it sounds, I've not painted anything 40k for a good while so I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. 

    40k Terminator 

Games Workshop make some cracking models and although I'm not a die hard fan I do enjoy making and painting some of there stuff from time to time. I know I have a soft spot for certain things within ranges and Terminators are one of them, so I suppose it shouldn't really be a surprise I chose a Terminator to kick things off! 

 I went for a tad of colour on the shield just to add my own touch to the model. 

 I really do think these models have a real true hard arse look to them, not the kind of guys you'd want to meet in a dark alleyway.

 The base is ripped up cork tile and a piece of plastic H beam.

 So this guy will join my collection as the first in a squad of 5 close combat Terminators. 


Now on to the marines, and no not space marines but these guys 

 28mm Warlord Games US marines, once again plastic figures and although I'm no expert I think they pretty good! I mixed up the colours a tad, I do enjoy mixing it up a bit. 

 The camouflage was a challenge, I did enjoy myself and couldn't resist trying both green and brown versions. The brightness of the base green looked a bit OTT until I added the different colour blotches. 

 Now more are on there way but so are more Red Devils, more Soviets, more Germans! I'm guessing by now you've got the picture. So absolutely anything could be next! 

Well that's about it for now! Keep looking and I will posting 
Cheers for now Russ 

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Plastic crates a quick how to

I was asked how I made the extra stowage for my tanks and vehicles so I got a bit of time today so I did a quick how to on the boxes and crates. Please bear with me it was a tad rushed.

I use plastic strip, rod and card to make these these and sizes are normally just judged by what look rights. Crates and boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes but these are mainly based for ww2 onwards.

Picture 1, various sizes of plastic card, and strips and hollow bar.

Picture 2, the hollow bar has being cut roughly 14mm lengths .
Far left plain hollow bar, centre as being capped at one end with thin plastic card, right side plastic card to stick on to the far end of the hollow bar. This creates the solid box shape for the crate.

Picture 3, bottom hollow bar shows area to be cut out to create an open crate, top picture shows the area removed and cut to size.

Picture 4, shows one end capped and the other piece of plastic card ready to cap the other end.

Picture 5, cut short lengths of thin bar to stick on the end both open and closed crate. 

Picture 6, thin bar stuck to the end of the crates. 

Picture 7, cut and glue a second bar to the opposite end.

Picture 8, thin bar stuck to both ends on both open and closed crates. 

Picture 9, cut two strips of plastic bar for the bottom of each crate.

Picture 10, the two strips stuck in place on both the crates.

Picture 11, the solid crate now as the two strips of bar stuck on the opposite side.

Picture 12, shows the lid cut out of plastic card and the two strips of bar cut to stick on the outside of the lid. 

Picture 13, the thin strips of bar stuck in place.

Picture 14, the open and closed crate completed. 

Various crates and boxes made using the above method, adding different bits and pieces of thin plastic card and bar. 

Hopefully I've explained it well enough, and the pictures give you a rough idea to go by.

So thanks for looking and hopefully it's of some use. 

Thanks again
Cheers for now Russ