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Thursday, 19 September 2019


I'm still trying to thin out my collection, and these are the next batch. Warlord Games metal figures, these are some of the first figures I painted for Bolt Action.  Ten man squad of mixed uniforms, I enjoyed painting the different types of camouflage.

I'm asking £45 for the 10 man squad , postage can be discussed, I'm willing to accept cheque, money order or PayPal 

So thanks for looking
Cheers for now Russ 


I've decided to add a second squad 

I'm asking £45 for this 10 man squad or both squads for £80, same applies for postage as above. 

Sunday, 15 September 2019


I posted my first US marine for Vietnam a while back and I'm happy to say he is now based and joined by 7 companions. Thses really are beautiful little sculpts, paul Hicks really stepped up a bar in my humble opinion. They really bring the subject to life, the detail is there just waiting to be painted and the metal they are cast in is tougher then some figures I've painted. Hopefully that means less barrel repairs in the future, although if you hold a standard pin up against the barrel it matches perfectly! So any repairs should be pretty straightforward if the worse happens. There is something about Vietnam,  its probably from watching the usual must see DVDs such as Platoon, full metal jacket, hamburger hill and even "Tour of duty" I love the music from the era and yes I did listen to credence Clearwater revival while I painted some of these guys.

So on to the figures

 excuse the photos some are showing blurred as I post them so I'm not sure if it's just a glitch. 

 the background is hedgerows pushed up against each other to create the closet terrain I have to jungle! I still need to add the "pig" and the "bloop gun" and the first fire team is complete. I attempted the usual helmet graffiti but I'm not sure it worked, the black alone didn't stand out so in true artistic licence I opted to add an off white to make it more visible. 

So that's my first fire team almost ready, I'm still plugging away on the ECW stuff so that should soon get some new additions.

So thanks for looking 
Cheers for now Russ 

Wednesday, 4 September 2019


I first thought about Vietnam years and years ago when I picked up some Platoon 20 figures! Just to find out I couldn't paint 20mm figures to save my life. Ok slightly OTT but not far from the truth. Then I saw an advert for Empress Miniatures US Marines for Hue! Well it hooked me just like that, so once the funds became available I picked up several packs. Now Paul Hicks is a very talented sculptor and thiese are absolutely stunning little figures. So far I've painted up one full pack of four figures, and I'm more hooked than ever.

So on to the figures I've painted, I'm still tweaking the colours slightly but on the whole I'm pretty happy.

The very beginning.

 this guy was literally the Guinea Pig for trying to get the base colours down. 

The first full pack.

 so now it's trying to decide how to base them. I know that by rights the flak jackets were normally abandoned for jungle fighting but I dont want to just restrict myself to just urban area basing. So thinking cap on while I get the next batch ready to be painted. 

So thanks for looking
Keep looking and I will keep posting 
 Cheers for now Russ 

Sunday, 1 September 2019

English Civil War

Welcome to a completely new Era for me! The English Civil War. I saw an advert for 1st Corps ECW stuff just before I went to Hammerhead earlier this year. I've never really ventured into Pike and shote but these guys captured my imagination Big Style, I'm not sure what it was but something triggered it and I picked up a regiment of 12 pike, 12 shote and 5 command figures. I cant remember what it cost but I'd sold a few bits on the tabletop sale so I invested wisely in something new.
Now Hammerhead was a good few months ago so skip on a few months and I finally get the time to start these guys. Now I'm pretty butterfly minded I will freely admit but i was itching go get started on these guys and the opportunity arose. Now where to start! I really had no idea so find a colourscheme I was happy with and try and be pretty generic. Famous last words!

I now proudly present the very generic Red Regiment! Although they are painted to reply Colonel Devereauxs regiment of foote (Royalist) I've probably made some glaring mistakes but for a complete Newbie I'm still pretty pleased with the end results.

Colonel Devereauxs regiment of foote

   The command
 from what I can gather officers, ensigns and sergeants pretty much where what they wanted . I'm more than happy to be corrected, anything new I learn will be put into my next Regiment. 

The shote 

 I built the regiment with the numbers that the pre built regiment held. 12 pike and 12 shore, historically speaking I'm not sure if its correct but it looks pretty good to me. 

The regiment complete

 it's being a while since I've felt this happy with anything I've painted, but I did get a rush from these guys. I tried a different set up for taking photos which seems to have helped. Feedback is always appreciated! 

 so that's concludes my first foray into the ECW, I'm pretty sure I've messed something up but hey it wouldn't be me if I didn't mess something up.

So thanks for looking, feedback and comments always appreciated 
Thanks again all the best 
     Cheers for now Russ