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Friday, 17 February 2017

Dragon Ogres

There be Dragons! Well Dragon Ogres to be precise. I picked these up a while back and kind of got sidetracked! No surprise there. So I have finally got them painted based and ready to roll! So on to the figures 
 3 brutal looking Ogres to smash and mash anything that strays across their path. These guys look the business and I'm pretty sure they will crop up in one or two peoples nightmares. 
ive gone for a slightly more textured base than usual, cork sand and a dollop of dead static grass to finish it off. 
 These guys could be triplets! 
 The scales where dry brushed and pretty much everything else was layered, then of course a good splash of gore to finish off the weapons. The kit came with a good few options for weapons but I went for the double handed bladed weapons! I really couldn't see these guys armed with anything that didn't exaggerate their brute force! 
 So thanks for looking guys, as always my next post could be completely random depending on my butterfly mind or maybe the stars and bars may just get a look in.

So thanks again
                       Cheers Russ