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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Warlord Games Bolt Action Waffen SS

Once again WW2 has drifted into my hobby time, I picked up the warlord games German grenadiers a while back! I built a couple up but that's as far as it went. No paint was split on these little guys, until a few weeks back! Then what was a slow start slowly picked up speed. Before I knew it I had ordered myself the Waffen SS starter army, and a few bits that my wife got me for Christmas. Bless her! Apart from making me wait till Christmas for them I can't complain.
 the first batch of panzer grenadiers where painting up half and half. The three I painted as SS where really a trial run on attempting the camo after a while away from painting WW2.  I wasn't a 100% happy with them but it was a start! 
 side by side two of the figures from the panzer grenadiers box painted as both Waffen SS and a Panzer grenadier. I think they worked out rather well. 
 painting these certainly gave me a good go at several different styles of camo! 
 With my interest spiked I couldn't wait to get my first proper Waffen SS finished, they are not the quickest figures to paint but here they are 

 I wasn't inspired at first with the figures, I can't put my figure on it but maybe it's just me. Then out came the clippers and glue and I started to put them together! My opinion changed almost immediately, sometimes grey plastic just doesn't look inspiring. They started to look like proper Waffen SS in their smocks, at that point it seemed to click and inspiration flowed. They looked even better once the paint started to flow. So on to the mix of the figures, I think they work a treat, I've always been one for variety and this is one way to get that! 

So thanks for looking guys, feel free to comment and catch you all soon again with my next posting

Cheers for now Russ 


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    1. Thanks Michal your words are always warmly welcomed 👍

  2. Absolutely stunning work Russ!

    1. Thanks Rodger I forgot how difficult camo was to paint but also how satisfying it feels when it's done.

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