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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Germans for Sale WW2 Warlord Games

So once again I'm trying to free up some space by clearing out some space. My hobby room is close to being a no go area due to lack of space! They are all 28m

So on to the goodies

Squad 1 Waffen SS plastic figures

 I'm asking £45 for the 10 man squad

Squad 2 Waffen SS plastic figures 

 They are a good mix of camouflage patterns and even if I say so myself very nicely painted and based. 
Once again I'm asking £45 for the 10 man squad or I'm willing to sell both together for £80. 

Early war German 

 I'm asking £35 for the squad, these are cheaper then the waffen SS due to obvious reasons. 

These will also be on the TMP, check it out under Market place WW2 

So thanks for looking 
    Cheers for 

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

The clear out continues German Armour

The clear out continues, this time its German vehicles, all from Warlord Games. Mostly plastic except for the armoured car, which is resin and metal. So on to the goodies

A couple of stuGs

 both have additional log side armour added, and are detailed in both scratchbuilt additions and bought stowage. I'm asking £45 each or both for £80

A couple of Panzer 111's 

 easiest way of describing them is long and short barrel, additional stowage added. Once again £45 each for both for £80 

Hanomags and armoured car

 once again stowage and some interior detailing added. £38 each or all 3 for £110. I'm going to the other partizan Sunday 18th August 2019 and I'm willing to bring them if anyone is interested.

And finally the last levy

 A mix of old and young defenders ready to battle for the father land, 14 figures in total will accept £60. All based on rubble strewn bases. 

So the clear out continues and I'm slowly beginning to regain control of my hobby room. I'm trying my best not commit to anything new until I at least have space for it, but hey I am going to Partizan so that could all change.

 Thanks for looking 
 Cheers for now Russ