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Saturday, 13 June 2020

Bolt Action US infantry

I've finished up the last squad from my box of Warlord Games US infantry, 2 squads for my own collection and a third for a friends collection. I've continued to mix up the uniform colours, I do like a variety in my troops. I'm pretty sure the likes of films such as "Kelly's Heroes" "The Dirty Dozen " "Battle of the Bulge" influenced my progress with these figures. Then again who wouldn't be influenced by the films they watched growing up.

 Plastic figures still in some circles seem to be looked down upon! I dont see it myself but I enjoy building the plastic figures and the choice of parts helps create individual troops. Dont get me wrong, I pretty much buy, paint and collect anything that takes my fancy. Sat building figures in front of the TV is pretty enjoyable! Something I wont do with metal figures due to the mess scraping and filing metal makes.

   The latest squad, who cant look at these guys and see the likes of Kelly's Heroes, and other such classic films.

The full 3 squads 

A few more close ups of the squads

The figures paint up well, and in my opinion they look the part. I'm no expert but I reckon they pass muster. Now i have quite a few Bolt Action figures, but as always space is a issue but it wont stop me painting even more. I think a painter and collector is a worse curse then being a gamer! At least been a gamer is a purpose for having loads of figures. I haven't even got got that excuse! 
Well that brings another post to an end, so thanks for looking. Feel free to comment 
All the best cheers Russ 

Saturday, 6 June 2020

US infantry

I've finished up my latest batch of American troops. The figures are the second generation plastics from Warlord Games, and my second lot of US reinforcements. The newer set of US infantry is a vast improvement on the original set, more human looking and certainly paint up nicely. I've mixed the colours a tad, something I seem to be doing more and more as I progress with my venture into WW2. It all started with the German troops and just continued from there, I've been sorting through my collection and came across a couple of bits of scenery I had completely forgotten about. So I decided to take some more scenic photos today. The lighting is something I struggle with but hopefully the photos are good enough to show the figures off and give a flavour of the figures.

  US troops pushing forwards

I did mix and match the parts from some of the other American figures from Warlord. It's one of the reasons I love plastic figures, it means you can go to town and convert figures to your hearts content. They are so much easier to work with them metal, although I still enjoy converting metal figures but they are more complicated and time consuming. Well rounds up another post, there are still more to come so keep looking and I will keep posting.
 All the best 
   Cheers for now

Friday, 5 June 2020

US Airborne from Warlord Games

Once again I have painted up a few more plastics from Warlord Games and this time its US Airborne troops. There are one or two bits that I'm not keen on from the kit but overall they have painted up a treat. So I decided to go for the full box at one go, all 30 of them, normally I work in batches of 10 figures but I decided to up the stakes on this one. Two squads are equipped with BARs and the third squad is lugging along an MG, well prone firing to be more accurate.

First Squad, the mohawk haircuts add to the overall appeal of these guys.
Second squad 
Third squad  

I added a few bits of sticks and tigs to the bases, it gives a slightly different look to the basing. 

The MG team

The full 3 squads 

So apart from the small niggles with the set they still painted up rather nicely, the US forces are still on the paint table in the form of normal infantry so the forces will grow shortly. 

So thanks for looking, stay turned and the US infantry will follow shortly and possibly a couple of bits of transport 
Thanks again
Cheers for now Russ 

Thursday, 14 May 2020

City fight Germans

These guys have sat half painted for a couple of years almost, I started painting them and got distracted! That's something I find myself doing a lot unfortunately. I've been having a sort out on and off since well before Christmas, I honestly have stuff I had completely forgot about. I'm guessing I'm not alone in that. Sometimes painting and collecting is a curse for project hopping! I found these guys mixed in a box with a few Warhammer bits and pieces. I reckon the inspiration for these guys came from watching Stalingrad, sometimes its the smallest little thing that kicks off a project or a full blown war movie.

The figures are Warlord Games plastic early war Germans, a bit dated now compared to some of the newer sets but all the same nice little figures.


 the rubble strewn bases certainly add to these little guys.

 I kept adding more and more detail, bits of plastic card. 

 I like larger bases it gives me a chance to add more detail and make more of a diorama. 

 and what better then a MG team to have a crack at. 

 the full 2 squads in all their glory 

 I'm still working through my boxes of stuff and slowly making some space and finding things I had completely forgotten about. So keep looking and I will hopefully post again soon 
Thanks for looking 
Cheers for now 

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Bolt Action Btitish armour

I have over the years swapped and changed what I paint and collect more times then maybe I should,  but I'm very butterfly minded I'm afraid and sometimes the smallest spark could start a major new project! My main interest is the ACW although to be honest I have neglected it of late, so a few years back I indulged in a side project. Nothing big nothing fancy but a few bits and pieces for WW2 from Warlord Games. Now several years later and the so called side project snowballed into something I didn't expect. My British collection is mainly "The Red Devils" with a smattering of Commandos thrown in for good measure and some bits of armour.

I have a few  more bits beside my tanks but I figured I would show off my tanks for a change. I originally started off with a few kits from Hobyboss and Tamiya but I slowly started to collect the proper BA vehicles from Warlord Games.

The Armour from Warlord Games

 I figured Sherman's were a good starting point and I must admit once I started adding all the extra details what started off as a easy build Wargames tank soon became something better. 

 I also decided to add a Cromwell for good measure,  to start with they really didn't look very inspiring but with a bit of time and extra detailing its amazing how much of a difference it can make. 

 I've always fancied having a churchill tank so I may end up adding even more to a very small so called side project of a collection.

Thanks for looking feel free to comment and catch you all again soon 
  Cheers for jow Russ 

Lord of the Rings dark forces

I'm undergoing a tidy/clearout and came across my LoTR forces of darkness. Orcs and Uruk-hai to be precise! I was a huge fan when the films came out and I still am, but I lost I interest in the Miniatures, there are several reasons why but the main one was scale creep. Everything started off in scale but the then they started to become a lot larger models. I'm abit OCD when it comes to collecting figures and such, so I'm afraid the scale creep kind of killed the joy to a degree for me. I collected pretty much all the figures I could lay my hands on. Good, Evil it didn't matter I snapped up everything I came across. I've always liked collecting both sides although sometimes one side does slightly outweigh the other.

     Urak-hai scouts

The scouts were the first Bad guys that really captured my imagination, they looked mean, moody and nasty with it.
 Now me being me, I decided to do abit of conversion work. I wanted each to look different in some way and just painting them slightly differently wasnt quite enough. 

 so some had weapons swapped or added, so some guys are carrying two blades instead of one and I also messed about with the shields to a degree 

 I think out of all my forces of evil the scouts stand head and shoulders above the rest. 

Morannon Orcs 

These guys I wasnt sure about at first, a force of darkness that seemed to be almost uniformed in appearance! Once again I decided that I didn't want two figures the same so out came the greenstuff cutters and glue. 

 I reckon by the time I had finished with these my interest was still peaking, although if I remember correctly I was ready to move onto the forces of good. 

Mordor Orcs 
How could i have a collection of dark forces without these guys, they pretty much formed the backbone of the army. Unclean, undisciplined and fowl smelling. 

 once again I found myself cutting sticking and green stuffing my way through a box of these guys. 

 parts were swapped, added or removed. 



So there we have my forces of darkness from the LoTR, I know I have more but so far I've yet to come across them. Character models are missing and so are the normal Urak-hai. Siege troops, bezerkers are also yet to be found! But I'm sure they will turn up at some point. 

So thanks for looking, stay safe look after yourselves and I will post again soon 
   Cheers for now