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Sunday, 19 January 2020

Tiger Tiger burning bright

I got these little fellas last saturday and couldn't wait to start on them, they are the recon patrol figures from Empress Miniatures Vietnam range. Six figures in total and beautifully sculpted by Paul Hicks, now I've been a fan of this range since day one and if things continue like this I'm sure I will be adding more and figures as the range grows.

The figures arrived in excellent condition and with very slight casting lines which are easy to file away.
They do look as good in real life as the photos portray,  they have a mix of weapons and carry the mountain of kit you would expect.

The full recon squad

They really do paint up a treat, I'm not the world's greatest photographer but hopefully they are good enough to give you an idea how detailed these figures are.

 I have had quite a bit of feedback on the Tiger stripe so fingers crossed time allowing I will do a couple of tutorials around US Vietnam based uniforms, so watch this space as they say. 
I do have another team which hopefully will be in ERDL camo but that will depend on how well or how badly my attempt at the camo turns out. 

Finally my full 3 squads so far 

So the project continues, I have another full squad of Marines to add when time arises and of course the stalled squads of VC! I really cant get to grips with them I'm afraid. So thanks for looking, I'm keen to see what else Empress have to offer as this range grows.

Thanks for looking 
   Cheers Russ 

Sunday, 5 January 2020

Welcome to 2020

Things have been a bit out of sorts here, due to personal reasons but fingers crossed the New Year will bring some luck and well deserved rest from the everyday stress that seems to surround everyday.

     Waffen SS
 My clearout continues and I'm making some space at last! I'm even finishing off half finished stalled projects! So the next batch of half finished and nearly finished stuff as finally made it to the completed shelf.

Waffen SS PAK

I love to mix the uniforms and these guys certainly got the full treatment, all metal kit which took some doing. The gun barrel was bent out of shape as was the gun shield, but with a bit of encouragement and several test fittings and thenfurther adjustments I got there. Its weird how quickly you get used to all plastic kits! The fence is plastic card, cut, scored and scratched in detail, there was a time when I would of used balsa wood but plastic is stronger and more durable.

Waffen SS infantry

 first squad up, good mix of panzer grenadier figures, waffen SS and blitzkrieg German infantry all of course from Warlord Games. Is it possible to be addicted to plastic kits! I've spoke before about the ease of converting when it come to plastic kits, and the flexibility it gives you. 

 second squad, good mix again of figures and a good mix of uniforms, I think there maybe some Afrikakorps parts mixed in with thses guys. Slightly more awkward to mix in due to the cuff detail but they seem to work. So there you, I'm working my way through my collection and making progress! Which is definitely not like me. So thanks for looking and all the very best for the coming year.

Cheers for 

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Plastic Afrikakorps from Warlord Games

Bolt Action Afrikakorps

These have been laying around almost finished for a while now! Ok almost 11months nearly finished. It really was just a case of a few bits needing touching up and the basing finished. I was slightly disappointed with the choice of rifle arms in the set but all in all I think they turned out rather well. So on to the figures 2 full ten men squads and a bit of support with a mortar crew.

      First squad


Second squad 

 and finally the mortar team 

 I varied the colours to give them the appearance I like when it comes to WW2, uniformed but not to uniformed. So thanks for looking and I will post again soon.

Cheers for now Russ 

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Full metal Jacket

Normally I shy away from character models, I never seem to be able to capture the real look of them. So I surprised myself when I ordered these guys from Empress Miniatures.

Joker, Cowboy, Eightball and of course Animal Mother are such iconic characters I did consider just painting them as just normal grunts but! Well take a look a see for yourselves. For some reason I had real problems trying to get the camera on my phone to focus.





Animal Mother 

The full crew

I tried adding as much detail to the helmet covers as I could, the Confederate flag on Cowboys helmet was the biggest challenge, even with my smallest brush I just couldn't get it spot on. 

The rest of the squad
I planned my fire teams around groups of 10,  a Bloop gun, an M60 and the rest riflemen. 

The tally is now 3 full squads and still more to paint, I didn't do a great job working out how many I needed so my next squad is going to be a tad short. I did order some Vietcong although I'm still playing around with a flesh tone that I'm completely happy with. I will hopefully be posting my next batch of recruits sooner rather then later. 

So thanks for looking , feel free to comment! Feedback is always welcomed 
Cheers for now Russ