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Friday, 8 September 2017

Chaos Titan

The chaos Titan commission is done, it's took some doing and I honestly thought I had spent to much time on the base but it's done
 my photography is not good but hopefully you get a good idea of what it looks like
 It's the classic red and gold colour scheme with sotek green accent colour. 
 I added the yellow and black warning stripes to add that bit more of a mechanical look and the blood and bone to add that organic look that comes with chaos.
 The chains were added just to give a bit more of a industrial look, I did plan on adding more but it didn't quite work out. 
 Overall I'm pretty pleased with it, I tried to get the look of it becoming chaos or should I say transforming into chaos. 
 So onto the base, an over run imperial outpost was the basis of the setting, the rock is good old reliable cork, plastic I beam and razor wire to finish off the entanglement! Then on two the sand bags, milliput! Good old milliput it's seen use since I was a kid! For bulk builds ie not filling small parts it's perfect and compared to greenstuff it's cheap! 
 I'm hoping I got the look of the wire being flattened under the machines giant foot. The abandoned gear hopefully gives the look of the unseen defenders that have being swept away by the attack of the Titan and the blood splatter that not everyone got away in time.
 so that's about it, it will be on its way to its owner tomorrow and I will wait with baited breath hoping that it ticks all the boxes

So thanks for looking! Feel free to comment
And I will post again soon
  Cheers for now Russ

Friday, 18 August 2017

2nd Maryland Infantry

I've being working on these for a while now, they have being sat on my paint table patiently waiting for me to find the time to get them finished! Its very rare I solely work on a single project at any one time, it helps to keep the momentum going. They have looked slightly out of place next to space marines and various 40k chaos offerings. So onto the Boys
 the 2nd Maryland, the boys who turned against the union despite their state coming down on the side of the union. They fought for good old Dixie 
 I'm no history expert so if I've got my facts wrong all I can do is apologise, of course I will add the 1st Maryland at some point soon. 
 They are as always Dixon miniatures, in my opinion the best ACW figures going. No I don't get any kickback from Dixon miniatures or have any vested interest in the company! I just love the character of these figures and I can just about fluke the style when I'm converting figures. Of course if anyone wants to send me a box of goodies I wouldn't complain. Who doesn't like freebies! But I digress on with the minis 
 I have kept the conversions to a bear minimum for these guys, the sergeant's stripes are greenstuff and I converted him from a rock throwing infantry man. I carved the rock out of his hand and replaced his other hand from the spares box, I think it works! And last little bit of converting was adding a greenstuff sash to my officer. I'm not entirely happy with the Austrian knot on his sleeves and kepi but I had to stop before i ruined it completely. 
 I tried to improve the basing, I'm happier then I was but I may still fine tune it.
 so there we have my latest additions to my Confederate forces.

As always thanks for looking and I will be posting again soon
Cheers for now Russ

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

More Chaos

I've being busy again with a little commission work, a land raider and Terminator champion. The land raider is the biggest vehicle I've ever had the pleasure to paint! It was already built and undercoated red, a couple of parts needed a little bit of attention and I also added a few bits of my own. So onto the land raider
 Classic red and gold to continue the colour scheme and if course the accent colour of sotek green. It's a mean piece of kit and it's covered in spikes and weapons 
 I have added a couple of bits to fill it out a bit more and to add individual character to it. 
 I scratch built some more railings to protect across the back and razor wire was added down each side! The railings are covered with skulls and blood! There has to be blood it's chaos after all 
 I couldn't resist painting some hazard stripes somewhere on this beastie. 
 The gunner has being moved to the rear hatch, the closed hatch I removed couldn't be saved so it was a case of replacing it with a spare from my razorback. 
 The panels where painted sotek green just to add that flash of the accent colour. 
The inside was painted the best I could without opening it up like a tin can, I splattered a bit of blood around inside the hatch just to add a bit more character.
 I added a bit of a rust wash over the tracks and the railings but I didn't want to over do it. I must admit I did have a few ideas before I started and most if them found a home on this beastie, even the rusted replaced door on one side. 

So on to the Terminator champion, I added some detail to the base just to add a bit more character 
 the dead marine is just spares from my bits box, the skeleton head just finished it off nicely. 
 It's a cracking model to paint! It's fine cast but it actually took paint really nicely! I seem to find resin especially fine cast soaks paint up and looks slightly washed out. 
 I'm pretty pleased with the end results! Time will tell if the new owner is as happy as me! So that's about it, thanks for looking.
 Feel free to leave a comment 
  Cheers for now Russ 

Saturday, 8 July 2017

More 40k

I have had a good week painting wise and managed to add 5 new recruits to my growing Ultramarines collection. I pick bits and pieces to paint more often than not! So here they are
 First up one of my Terminators, I'm pleased with the pose and the overall look of him! 
 next up my second Terminator 
 I've only got a couple more to finish and my terminator's are complete. 

Next up the last of my Devastator's, that's all five complete! 
 I'm pretty sure I will be adding more and the fact that you get the kneeling legs in this box is a real plus. I've not used them yet but once I'm happy with the pose I will crack on. 
 I love the poses and the weaponry and this box gives you some cracking choices.  

So on to my final additions! Sterguard Veterans, the detail on these is fantastic! I love the shoulder pads on these guys 
 Painting white is not my favourite colour but I seem to have almost got it right! I can't remember the base colour I used but it seems to look right once it's highlighted with white. 
 On to my last addition, the weapon seems inadequate compared to the others but maybe I'm being too judgemental. 
 the detail on the Sterguard Veterans is spot on, even the view from the back looks good! 
 I now need to add some transport to my growing collection, the Rhino is taking shape so at least some of the boys will get a ride pretty soon! No more foot slogging to the battlefield! 

So that's my latest additions, thanks for looking feel to comment and catch you all soon
Cheers for 

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Confederate Cavalry

I have being working on 2 new units for my Confederate forces, I have done my usual chop, stick and greenstuff on them. They are my favourite Dixon miniatures, with a few spares thrown into the mix from the Perry plastic ACW cavalry box set. 
 I decided to add a couple of shotguns in for good measure, and the standard bearer is converted from a figure I damaged a while back! The bugler's arm is a plastic one from the ACW cavalry box! It fits a treat, the pistol hands are on the small side so I didn't use them but the sabre arms fit in a treat. 
 The red shirted guy on the right with the shotgun is a cut in half infantry firing a shotgun! Artistic licence maybe but it looks the part. 
 That's my first unit, so now on to my next unit!
 Once again lots of conversions, including some of the horses, I ordered a couple from the wild west range and with a bit of filing and greenstuffing they fit the bill perfectly. I've tried to add variety to the uniforms, not to uniform but Rebel enough!
 The guy firing the sharps one handed may also be artistic licence but once again he looks the part. I've probably missed some conversions but I do get carried away once I start cutting them up. Don't get me wrong it's no reflection on Dixon miniatures they are cracking figures, but converting them to me is a big part of my hobby! 
 So to finish up a nice group shot of all 24, I still have plans to add more Cavalry but I'm running out of room so my plans may need to be curtailed slightly. 

So thanks for looking
   Cheers for now Russ

Saturday, 13 May 2017


It's being much longer then I intended between posts but I've finally got the time to add a new post. I have being painting my Ultramarines on and off for a good few months now and here is the range of my works so far.

   The first full squad
 I've not really painted 40K for a number of years, long long ago when I was young and had hair 40K was born and I was drawn into its world! The first real pull was the original plastic box set, and then I was hooked!

Assault squad 
 I can honestly say I've enjoyed painting these little blue fellas, the gaming side no longer interests me but despite that painting and collecting still spikes my imagination.

The Scouts 
 I strayed from the normal blue for Ultramarines so it was easy to go for a grey colour for the scouts uniforms instead of the off white colour that seems the norm.

The last scout and Terminator's 
 So my force continues to grow slowly but steadily, next up I added some Sterguard Veteran's 

Sterguard Veteran's 
 Due to work commitments my time is severely restricted so I've not even had time to gather the boys together for a group photo, so I'm afraid it's just a string of photos that I've took as I've gone along. Hopefully I will get a chance to remedy that sooner rather than later.

Devastator squad 
 I have some way to go to finish up these guys but I'm still trying to finalise the exact way I intend to portray these guys! 
Hopefully I will soon be adding more to my Ultramarines force! Time is the real enemy and at the moment it's winning! The battle may be not going my way but the war is not lost.

So thanks for looking 
Cheers for now Russ