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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Confederate Cavalry

I have being working on 2 new units for my Confederate forces, I have done my usual chop, stick and greenstuff on them. They are my favourite Dixon miniatures, with a few spares thrown into the mix from the Perry plastic ACW cavalry box set. 
 I decided to add a couple of shotguns in for good measure, and the standard bearer is converted from a figure I damaged a while back! The bugler's arm is a plastic one from the ACW cavalry box! It fits a treat, the pistol hands are on the small side so I didn't use them but the sabre arms fit in a treat. 
 The red shirted guy on the right with the shotgun is a cut in half infantry firing a shotgun! Artistic licence maybe but it looks the part. 
 That's my first unit, so now on to my next unit!
 Once again lots of conversions, including some of the horses, I ordered a couple from the wild west range and with a bit of filing and greenstuffing they fit the bill perfectly. I've tried to add variety to the uniforms, not to uniform but Rebel enough!
 The guy firing the sharps one handed may also be artistic licence but once again he looks the part. I've probably missed some conversions but I do get carried away once I start cutting them up. Don't get me wrong it's no reflection on Dixon miniatures they are cracking figures, but converting them to me is a big part of my hobby! 
 So to finish up a nice group shot of all 24, I still have plans to add more Cavalry but I'm running out of room so my plans may need to be curtailed slightly. 

So thanks for looking
   Cheers for now Russ

Saturday, 13 May 2017


It's being much longer then I intended between posts but I've finally got the time to add a new post. I have being painting my Ultramarines on and off for a good few months now and here is the range of my works so far.

   The first full squad
 I've not really painted 40K for a number of years, long long ago when I was young and had hair 40K was born and I was drawn into its world! The first real pull was the original plastic box set, and then I was hooked!

Assault squad 
 I can honestly say I've enjoyed painting these little blue fellas, the gaming side no longer interests me but despite that painting and collecting still spikes my imagination.

The Scouts 
 I strayed from the normal blue for Ultramarines so it was easy to go for a grey colour for the scouts uniforms instead of the off white colour that seems the norm.

The last scout and Terminator's 
 So my force continues to grow slowly but steadily, next up I added some Sterguard Veteran's 

Sterguard Veteran's 
 Due to work commitments my time is severely restricted so I've not even had time to gather the boys together for a group photo, so I'm afraid it's just a string of photos that I've took as I've gone along. Hopefully I will get a chance to remedy that sooner rather than later.

Devastator squad 
 I have some way to go to finish up these guys but I'm still trying to finalise the exact way I intend to portray these guys! 
Hopefully I will soon be adding more to my Ultramarines force! Time is the real enemy and at the moment it's winning! The battle may be not going my way but the war is not lost.

So thanks for looking 
Cheers for now Russ 

Saturday, 4 March 2017

My latest Commission

I returned my latest commission to its owner today. He is a happy man which means so am I! So without further delay here is Games Workshops Maulerfiend
 Classic red and gold to match the rest of his collection, I do keep saying it but Games Workshop do make some very nice stuff ! 
 Sotek green as a limited accent colour and of course blood oozing from fleshy parts where the mechanical parts meet each other. 
 The base was kept simple but a small amount of detail was added, the rusty metal and razor wire will pop once the snow as being adeed. The snow will be added but not by me, I did add a couple of extra bits but I forgot to take another photo. An abandoned guardmans rifle and helmet added a point of interest just to suggest an unseen enemy. 
So that about wraps up this post! So thanks for looking and catch you all soon
Cheers for now Russ

Friday, 17 February 2017

Dragon Ogres

There be Dragons! Well Dragon Ogres to be precise. I picked these up a while back and kind of got sidetracked! No surprise there. So I have finally got them painted based and ready to roll! So on to the figures 
 3 brutal looking Ogres to smash and mash anything that strays across their path. These guys look the business and I'm pretty sure they will crop up in one or two peoples nightmares. 
ive gone for a slightly more textured base than usual, cork sand and a dollop of dead static grass to finish it off. 
 These guys could be triplets! 
 The scales where dry brushed and pretty much everything else was layered, then of course a good splash of gore to finish off the weapons. The kit came with a good few options for weapons but I went for the double handed bladed weapons! I really couldn't see these guys armed with anything that didn't exaggerate their brute force! 
 So thanks for looking guys, as always my next post could be completely random depending on my butterfly mind or maybe the stars and bars may just get a look in.

So thanks again
                       Cheers Russ 

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Support your local small business

OK, this is not my usual kind of post! Normally it's all about the figures, models and terrain. So this is definitely a departure from my usual thing, I'm old fashioned and like having a local hobby store. I'm not keen on buying from the internet, I have no problem popping into a shop and putting my money into the till of a local small business. So I'm going to post about my local hobby store.

R A Models
 Scunthorpe isn't a tourist destination and never will be, but hidden away on a high street five minutes from my home is this little gem! R A models, Ashby high street, Scunthorpe. Now where to start Games Workshop, Airfix, humbrol,paints, brushes and lots and lots of diecast models. 
So on to the man himself
just to confuse things he is also called Russ. Don't judge him by his lack of smile! He doesn't like to have his picture taken and I'm pretty much the same. I've said it before I'm old fashioned and I like to know whos getting my money and putting it into a local small family business ticks all the boxes in my book. So a quick look around the shop, and if you don't see it ask about if it can be ordered in. 
 Games Workshop goodies, and a  good selection of paint.
 Humbrol paints and Army Painter.
 Plastic kits from Airfix to star wars. 
 Diecast goodies 
 and bits for the kids. 

I like the presence of a local hobby shop, OK Scunthorpe's only a small town and shops are standing empty so it's more important than ever to give these businesses our support! They can't compete with bigger stores and they can't compete with the Internet but they still play an important part of local communities. So one last look in the window 

 He occasionally gets some really nicely painted stuff for sale in the window.  So if you ever find yourself in Scunthorpe drop on by, it's not a specialist shop but its a hobby shop that's well worth a visit. I'm not the best with words but thanks for looking 
Cheers for now Russ 

Check out his website under the things I like.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

A new addition

I haven't added much to my ACW collection lately, work is the biggest culprit and me getting easily sidetracked is another. So I added some transport to my Confederate forces!
 It is again Dixon miniatures and a splendid piece it is. I know I'm biased both with the Confederate forces and with Dixon miniatures. 
 I didn't use the cover that came with the kit, i added wire loops and PVA soaked tissue to form the cover. I had already used the PVA soaked tissue to make the cover on my first wagon, so it made sense to use the same method again. The driver I altered slightly due to my OCD on making things my own.
The chains were added to give that extra bit of detail without going OTT, it involves a little bit more work but seems worth it in the long run. 
 So just the reins to add and it's finished, I just need to pick up some more dental floss next time I'm out and about. 

So thanks for looking 
Cheers for now Russ 

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Chaos Terrain

Well it's being a long week but I've managed to finish up my latest masterpiece from bits I've had laying around for a while.
 It's more chaos fantasy terrain, I sold the temple I made! So I decided to make another piece. The bulk of it is foam insulation board, carved, shaped and covered with plaster to add texture. The rocks are again cork board that's being ripped into shape to add that nice rough texture. The skulls on the pillars and the skull set into the slabs are also carved out of foam board. 
 Once the whole thing was painted it was time to add some static grass, it had to be dead grass purely to give it that proper chaos dead feel. 
 Then it was add a bit of detail, out came the spares box. That's one thing about Games Workshop kits, they nearly always come with loads of spare parts. 
Some parts were cut up or altered slightly so they would sit on the terrain better, and of course I had to add some scratch built bits! They are only candles but for a first attempt I don't think they turned out not to shabby
 So what's next? I'm not sure but scratch building is addictive and I've still got loads of ideas! So anything is possible!

So thanks for looking, 
Cheers for now Russ