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Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Black Hatted Devils

I have a new addition to my slowly growing Federal forces, the 2nd Wisconsin

They are once again Dixon Miniatures, I have thrown a conversion or two just to add that bit more to the unit. The main conversion is a cigar chewing Sergeant with pistol in his hand

The other conversions are simple musket swaps, so some off the guys firing now have bayonets fitted.
Some figures have detail on the knapsacks and canteens, trouble is I'm not good enough to carry it off with a close up photo. It has helped give a little bit more to the unit which I think they deserve , 2nd, US and the Maltese cross are all decorations I have attempted to add. So thanks for looking


  1. The animation of the groups looks great! Inspiring stuff!
    Mike B

  2. Thanks again Mike, some units deserve that bit extra work and these guys are one of one. Although I must admit I try to put the same amount of work into all that I do,