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Saturday, 18 July 2015

The 39th New York Volunteers "Garibaldi Guard"

Two posts in one day, I won't mention its like buses! So they have taken a fair while to complete, every figure a conversion. Thats a first even for me, I like converting but I have never done a full 24 figures before. Once again all Dixon minis! Yes I am a fan BIG TIME!! I don't think you can get better but that's just my humble opinion.
 Only three figures are the original Dixon casting, but even they have had some work done on them, simple rifle swap on one so he is equipped with a bayonet and the legs bent and green stuffed into a running pose. The bulk of the work was cutting down the frock coat into sack jacket length, I picked frockcoats because they have the stand up collar required. Then 21 head swaps and stripping the trousers on some for the black gaiters, I figured a mix of some with and some without would add a good mix. 
 I have enjoyed myself and hopefully my attempts at sculpting have worked enough to get away with it! I don't think Trev Dixon has any worries on that score though!! I have a few things on the go but I'm positive I will soon be adding more bits to my ACW collection.

So thanks for looking cheers Russ 

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