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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Warlords Panthers & Panzer IV finished

I have made some inroads to finishing up bits and pieces that I have taking up space in my hobby room! The Panzer IV took abit more finishing up than the Panthers but I have tried to keep a cohesive look to them
 The commander figure is nicely done, and a vast improvement on the figure included in the Panther kit. 
 Other than that I'm more than happy with the end results, and although the photos aren't the best I'm pretty chuffed with the overall look of all three. 

 So what next? I'm not really sure it could be virtually anything, I do have a few things to finish up! 
So thanks for looking 
 Cheers for now Russ


  1. Great work on the Panzers Russ!

  2. Thanks Rodger, the camo netting really finishes them off nicely

  3. Yip! I Like E`m Lots.I can see you put lots of effort and work in producing such a fine look to all your tanks. The ruined Buildings set the scene nicely too. Well done. BB

    1. Thanks BB, I've still got another ruined building to build when I get the time! So many projects so little time!

  4. The tanks are incredible. I would love to see how you did the camo netting.

  5. Thanks for the kind words, next time I add some to a vehicle I will do a tutorial. Its being a while since I did one so I guess its about time