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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Warlord Games Red Devils

I'm enjoying my painting more than ever at the moment, so I have turned my attention to much neglected British Bolt Action collection.  I picked up a box of warlord games metal Red Devils a while back! Its must be ages ago because I'm sure I got them from Boyes in Bridlington. I'm guessing it wasn't popular because they seem to have scaled back to mainly Perry miniatures, Plastic soldier company and Games Workshop. Anyway I digress so back to the miniatures.

 Its only a nine man squad, I normally paint them in squads of ten but I messed up somewhere so it's a man short. Although I think they don't look lacking for the cost of one man. 

 I'm not really keen on the bright red colour for the berets so I opted for a darker colour. Although there are only a couple in berets it does add that slight dash of colour. The box does contain more berets so hopefully it will even things out a bit. 

 The box is quite old and didn't have any bases so I've used the pizza dish bases, except for the Piat team which I cut out of plastic card. It's boring and tedious but I just couldn't find a base to fit.

 The Piat didn't have a front rest so I borrowed one from the plastic commandos box, I also borrowed an amou case just to add a bit more detail.  The low wall was added from small fish tank gravel stuck together with super glue. I've used PVA before but takes longer to set and I wanted to be on with these guys. 

 I've played around with the colours slightly just to make them pop A bit more. It's nice to be able to paint camou on British figures seeing that it's mainly khaki, khaki and khaki! 

 Some of the figures had some flash that was awkward to remove but overall not to many issues, I forgot how difficult it is to remove flash on metal figures compared to plastic miniatures. 

So that about rounds up my latest post, the next batch are well on there way so fingers crossed I should be adding more to my collection sooner rather than later 

So thanks for looking feel free to comment and catch you all soon 
Cheers for now Russ 


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    1. Thanks Fran it's much appreciated. I still doubt myself but I think every painter does!

  2. Very nice job on the Red Devils Russ!

    1. Thanks Phil, i have almost finished the next batch 😊 so if all goes well I should be posting again soon

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    1. Thanks Jonathan, I'm fighting a losing battle with social media at the moment but at least I'm on track with painting 😊

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    1. Thank you my friend your words humble me!

  5. Great looking Brit's, lovely work on the painting!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain Its much appreciated, they have painted up real nice!