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Friday, 28 June 2019

40k chaos

I've painted a few more 40K bits and pieces for a small commission for a good friends 40k army. I like 40k and the wealth of figures it offers but I've never committed to chaos in the collecting stakes myself. So on to the figures, some are converted slightly although I only stuck the parts together I'm not sure who makes some of the parts.

Bring on the big guns

 most of the figures needed to be raised up slightly so the ammo belts sat correctly. They sat below the height of the base so it made sense to raise up the base rather than cut down the ammo belt.  As always ripped up cork was used, it's not as heavy as slate but looks presentable once painted. 

 I love the red and gold it suits these guys down to the ground. 

The beast! 

I've painted a couple of these in the past but this is the first one I've painted with tentacles. They are proper beasts, armoured and a mix of machine and living parts! Just how chaos should be. 

 The larger base gave me a chance to play around abit and go to town! 

The crates are Rubicon ww2 German accessories, with a few Space marine transfers applied. The rusted metal gives it a good contrast and a splash of colour, and the abandoned weapon and equipment the impression of a hastily retreat. 

So another commission completed, and hopefully a very happy customer into the bargain. 

So thanks for looking, feel free to comment.
Cheers for now Russ