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Thursday, 14 May 2020

City fight Germans

These guys have sat half painted for a couple of years almost, I started painting them and got distracted! That's something I find myself doing a lot unfortunately. I've been having a sort out on and off since well before Christmas, I honestly have stuff I had completely forgot about. I'm guessing I'm not alone in that. Sometimes painting and collecting is a curse for project hopping! I found these guys mixed in a box with a few Warhammer bits and pieces. I reckon the inspiration for these guys came from watching Stalingrad, sometimes its the smallest little thing that kicks off a project or a full blown war movie.

The figures are Warlord Games plastic early war Germans, a bit dated now compared to some of the newer sets but all the same nice little figures.


 the rubble strewn bases certainly add to these little guys.

 I kept adding more and more detail, bits of plastic card. 

 I like larger bases it gives me a chance to add more detail and make more of a diorama. 

 and what better then a MG team to have a crack at. 

 the full 2 squads in all their glory 

 I'm still working through my boxes of stuff and slowly making some space and finding things I had completely forgotten about. So keep looking and I will hopefully post again soon 
Thanks for looking 
Cheers for now