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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

GW Necromancer

I picked up a couple of GW bits a couple of weeks back and I finally got round to putting paint on one of them. I'm not sure if the effect on the rhobes worked but I went for extreme highlight.
 Its not quite finished, I need to tweak a couple of bits but overall I'm happy with the end result. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed painting GW stuff, they certainly make some cracking stuff.


  1. I like what you did with his skin tones, spot on for this figure. I think the extreme highlight on the robe works perfectly. Those lines suggest a flow of light and also make a great break between the robe and the cape.

  2. Thanks Anne, the skin tone didn't look right to begin with, its the first time I've used a purple wash over flesh. Adding grey to the flesh colour started to bring it all together and white to highlight really finished it nicely. The extreme highlight with the green touch some courage to do I'm not normally that brave with colours. It really is a cool little figure, twisted and haggered! It deserved something a little different.