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Monday, 14 September 2015

Soviet WW2 cavalry

A while back I decided I wanted some Soviet cavalry for my WW2 collection. I have always enjoyed converting figures and the new generation of plastic kits has given me even more scope for me to indulge in my passion. So with the spares from my warlord Soviet infantry and a box of Perry ACW cavalry I came up with these
 and of course lots of greenstuff and a fair bit of time. I know sabres were a bit out of fashion but I wanted the classic look and hopefully I captured it well enough. Hopefully my next post will have something new in it, although with the amount of stuff I have got on the paint table it could be almost anything from WW2 to Warhammer!


  1. Nice bit of kit bashing here! It will be interesting to see what you create next.

  2. Thanks Anne, they took a bit of doing but the end result made it worthwhile. I'm working on converting some warlord British to crew a couple of half tracks so should be done soonish.

  3. really nice conversions. I have the same ACW cavalry in my collection. i must admit doing conversions on Perry`s stuff never entered my mind. Now I`m thinking of bashing a few odd sprues together myself. Thanks for the insparation Russ. BB

  4. Thanks Paul, I can't remember where I saw the idea originally! I would love to take the credit for the idea but I can't. Although the original idea involved using warlord Soviets plastics cut roughly at the base of the tunic and just the legs from the perry ACW cavalry stuck on. I used the full Perry plastic body with the detail stripped away and then rebuilt from Greenstuff, topped off with a BA soviet head stuck on to finish it off. The horses saddle bags are plastic card with Greenstuff detail, it all seems to have come together nicely.