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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Games workshops Ungors

I finished up my Ungors today, it was a quick win they have being sat half finished for a while now.
 The command group was the biggest pain to complete, mainly due to the banner. 
 I have changed my style slightly for the flesh, its not my favourite finish but it does the job. 
 I prefer chaos and evil forces, they seem more fun to paint. These will be another unit I will try and sell on! I'm running out of space fast and I have my eye on a couple more additions to my ACW! I need to keep my wife sweet so thinning my collection out a bit won't do any harm on those stakes. 
 so thanks for looking as always my butterfly mind may throw something else into the mix before I get my next unit of dismounted Confederate cavalry finished or my British light Dragoons!

So catch you all soon 
Cheers for now Russ 


  1. Nice work Russ, hope they do well for you and the SWMBO!

    1. Thanks Francis, your words are warmly received

  2. Great work Russ! The banner might have been a pain but it looks smashing.

  3. Thanks Rodger, banners seem to either make or break a paint job on miniatures! I'm hoping it's the later.

  4. Hi Russ,one has to experiment with ones art and if the work is a best effort on anyone`s part it gets my approval. Accidental or otherwise,this mean looking bunch of whatever they are look well fit and dead keen to Rumble. Ace Cool Painting Style! BB

  5. Thanks Paul, I've always tried to improve my skill set both through modeling and painting, but I don't think I will come close to anywhere near the knowledge and skill you have and are willing share! I really enjoy your posts I just need to find the time to give some of them ago!