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Saturday, 26 November 2016

First squad of Ultramarines completed

At last I have finished my first squad of Ultramarines, I've being painting quite a few commissions of late so it's being nice to finish up something for me! I'm not complaining about commissions, it helps put paint on the table and gives me the means of investing in future projects so it's a win win for me. It will never make me rich but it's a real buzz painting for other people. So back to my boys in blues, I've not gone overboard with these guys I've just gone for a neat tidy finish. 
 The bases are layered cork tiles ripped up and stuck together, I'm using cork more and more! It's easy to use, easy to get hold of and it's not going to break the bank. Dry brushing picks out the detail and looks spot on.  
 My next addition is a razorback, the interior is painted so it's just the exterior to go! Just the exterior to go he says! There is also a box of assault Marines to add to my slowly growing collection. Of course there is always what Santa's hopefully going to bring me. So that's about it for this post
Thanks for looking
                 Cheers for now Russ


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    1. Thanks Michal the next additions are on the paint table now. So time permitting they may be done for Christmas.

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    1. Thanks Rod, I'm guessing watching all them You Tube videos has finally paid off.

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    1. Thanks Fran they didn't turn out to shabby!

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