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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

More Chaos

I've being busy again with a little commission work, a land raider and Terminator champion. The land raider is the biggest vehicle I've ever had the pleasure to paint! It was already built and undercoated red, a couple of parts needed a little bit of attention and I also added a few bits of my own. So onto the land raider
 Classic red and gold to continue the colour scheme and if course the accent colour of sotek green. It's a mean piece of kit and it's covered in spikes and weapons 
 I have added a couple of bits to fill it out a bit more and to add individual character to it. 
 I scratch built some more railings to protect across the back and razor wire was added down each side! The railings are covered with skulls and blood! There has to be blood it's chaos after all 
 I couldn't resist painting some hazard stripes somewhere on this beastie. 
 The gunner has being moved to the rear hatch, the closed hatch I removed couldn't be saved so it was a case of replacing it with a spare from my razorback. 
 The panels where painted sotek green just to add that flash of the accent colour. 
The inside was painted the best I could without opening it up like a tin can, I splattered a bit of blood around inside the hatch just to add a bit more character.
 I added a bit of a rust wash over the tracks and the railings but I didn't want to over do it. I must admit I did have a few ideas before I started and most if them found a home on this beastie, even the rusted replaced door on one side. 

So on to the Terminator champion, I added some detail to the base just to add a bit more character 
 the dead marine is just spares from my bits box, the skeleton head just finished it off nicely. 
 It's a cracking model to paint! It's fine cast but it actually took paint really nicely! I seem to find resin especially fine cast soaks paint up and looks slightly washed out. 
 I'm pretty pleased with the end results! Time will tell if the new owner is as happy as me! So that's about it, thanks for looking.
 Feel free to leave a comment 
  Cheers for now Russ 


  1. Oh yeees! Masterclass work Russ.
    Land Rider an the champion looks perfect for me.
    best regards

    1. Thanks Michal coming from such a talented artist as yourself it is indeed a true compliment, thank you it means a lot

    2. Oh, you're always so overdone about my talent :) You are beautifully painted!
      Keep running and invite you to d.crypt :)

    3. Thanks again Michal, I only call it as I see it. You have a true talent my friend a true talent

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