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Friday, 8 September 2017

Chaos Titan

The chaos Titan commission is done, it's took some doing and I honestly thought I had spent to much time on the base but it's done
 my photography is not good but hopefully you get a good idea of what it looks like
 It's the classic red and gold colour scheme with sotek green accent colour. 
 I added the yellow and black warning stripes to add that bit more of a mechanical look and the blood and bone to add that organic look that comes with chaos.
 The chains were added just to give a bit more of a industrial look, I did plan on adding more but it didn't quite work out. 
 Overall I'm pretty pleased with it, I tried to get the look of it becoming chaos or should I say transforming into chaos. 
 So onto the base, an over run imperial outpost was the basis of the setting, the rock is good old reliable cork, plastic I beam and razor wire to finish off the entanglement! Then on two the sand bags, milliput! Good old milliput it's seen use since I was a kid! For bulk builds ie not filling small parts it's perfect and compared to greenstuff it's cheap! 
 I'm hoping I got the look of the wire being flattened under the machines giant foot. The abandoned gear hopefully gives the look of the unseen defenders that have being swept away by the attack of the Titan and the blood splatter that not everyone got away in time.
 so that's about it, it will be on its way to its owner tomorrow and I will wait with baited breath hoping that it ticks all the boxes

So thanks for looking! Feel free to comment
And I will post again soon
  Cheers for now Russ