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Sunday, 1 October 2017

5th Texas Infantry

Two posts in one week, I must be on a roll. OK first one was 40k and now I'm back to my real passion ACW! The 5th Texas Infantry, and once again mostly Dixon miniatures
 there are a couple of conversions thrown but hopefully they blend in well enough. I have called them Frankenstein creations but they are made from Perry plastic ACW infantry bodies, warlord games arms and redoubt muskets and of course Dixon heads so they blend together nicely 
 The Dixon conversions are minor changes compared to them but nevertheless they are in there! 
 Anyone who knows me it's all about the figures, I love converting figures even small things like swapping heads can sometimes create that one figure that stands out. Below is a small piece of work that adds that bit more variety to ordinary rank and file. 
 the middle figure is the original and the figure eitherside as had the greenstuff treatment. I'm not a great sculptor but once painted it blends in perfectly. So back to the rest of the guys 
 Both Frankenstein creations are in the above picture, front row left and rear rank third from the right. I plan on adding more into my collection as time permits. 
 I'm putting more effort into the bases and hopefully it's starting to show 
 So as always thanks for looking and I will post again soon
Cheers for now


  1. Oh, these bases looking really great Russ!

    1. Thanks Michal, I'm enjoying painting ACW stuff at the moment😀

  2. Fantastic stuff there Russ! Lovely to see some more Reb's to fight the Union.

    1. Thanks Rodger I need to even my forces up a tad so it may have to be Yankees next.

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