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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Games Workshop Pink Horrors

I have based and finished up my pink horrors, pink is not a colour I would normally choose to do! But I decided to give it ago.
 I wouldn't quite say they have given me nightmares but they truely are weird looking little fellas! the green for the tongues took some getting used to but now they are finished and based they don't look to out of place.
 the flames shooting from the hand and arms on the guy in the front rank just didn't look right the usual yellow/orange colours. So I opted out and washed it over with a mechanical paint! Which for the life of me i can't remember it's name.
 The guys with the beaks are definitely a nice took and add that bit more colour to them.
 The command group, the standard, leader and the musician, I went for a bronze colour just to make the metal work stand out that little bit more and not just blend into all the good going these little guys are wearing. 
 The jewels/Jem's are painted in sotek green and hopefully they stand out well enough.

 So thanks for looking 
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  1. Beautiful looking unit! Great pink skin colour :)

    1. Thanks Michal, pinks not a colour I've used much so it could easy of gone the wrong way.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Rod, despite the fact I'm trying to consentrate on my acw stuff I nearly always have something else on the go 😀