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Friday, 24 November 2017

Brutes from Hell

I've finished up my latest commission, two hellbrutes! Both nasty looking beasties for sure. I've done a minor conversion on one so his leg is raised as if he is striding forwards. I think it's worked but the proof is in the pudding so on to the pictures
 the usual liberal daubing of blood to complete the look! They are in keeping with the rest of the chaos force, classic red and gold and the accent colour of sotek green. The purple tongues work a treat and show's up the blood better than I expected 
 the combination of machine and flesh really hammers home the Chaos theme, the puddle of green slime leaking from the barrel adds that bit more colour to the grey rocky base. 
 Next up the hammer, once again classic chaos! Well in my mind anyway, the huge hammer just ready to pummel its enemies into the dirt and rock. 
 once again the combination of flesh and machine integrated! The blood pumping around its machinery pipes and veins! 
 the terrible twosome back to back. 
 and finally side by side! 

So thanks for looking guys 
Feel free to comment
  Cheers for now Russ 


  1. Fantastic Russ! Im a big fan of your wh40 models :)

  2. Thanks Michal I'm honoured and flattered by your words 👍 they are warmly welcomed