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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Saga Arabs

I'm on a roll, another project finished! Saga Arabs this time. I've always loved plastic figures and the newer generation of plastics are a God send especially if your like me and love converting figures and doing Frankenstein conversions! Although for once I've pretty much built these straight out of the boxes.
 8 horse archers, 8 foot archers, 8 spearmen and 8 swordmen. The swordsman are made by combining parts from the Arabs cavalry boxes and the Arabs infantry box. Slight conversion maybe but nothing drastic. 
 I enjoy painting and very rarely game nowadays! So these may not stay in my collection for long, space is becoming rarer and rarer but i keep meaning to thin out my collection. I'm attending hammerhead this weekend and hopefully I will sell a few bits and pieces at the table top sale. Although not spending any money I make on something new and shiney will not be easy! But I'm waffling on so back to the figures. 
 Every warband needs a leader and here's mine, hopefully a true leader. 
 The swords are here, a bit of mixing and swapping of parts but they appear to work out pretty well. 
 The spears, I let myself run riot on the shields, after seeing some the patterns I couldn't resist.  
 The bows, it was nice to paint these. No shields so pretty quick to finish. 
 The mounted bows, the hosres are lovely looking crearures and paint up a treat, some of the riders needed to be matched to certain horses or it requires a little bit of trimming to get them to fit.  It could just of being me or I was just unlucky. 

 So thanks for looking, feel free to comment and thanks again for looking 
Cheers for now Russ  


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    1. Thanks Michal, they are lovely figures to paint. I'm a sucker for plastics I'm afraid!

  2. Hi Russ

    I have lost your details from the show yesterday!!

    Could you please send me an email.

    Many thanks

    (Sorry if you get this message twice)

    1. Hi Steve
      I've sent you a message through Google+ I appear to messed up your e-mail address

      Cheers Russ