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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

The 45th "Sherwood Foresters"

It's being a while since I painted anything Napoleonic! So where better to start then the thin red line.
I have pushed myself to get these finished, Napoleonics are my nemesis and I will openly admit it. I find them daunting to say the least but when they are done they do give me a massive buzz. So on to the figures, they are the plastic set from Warlord Games with the metal command set. The figures are easy build, head, body and backpack, they made a nice change from Victrix sets. I like the Victrix plastics so I'm not knocking them but for marching figures easy build is a fantastic change.

 The regiment in all its glory, colours flying with pride. The flags were a pain in the arse, I think I made a huge mistake of glueing the flags together and then waiting for the glue to dry before I started to fold and shape the flags. They creased horribly and the print started to flake off, the paper the flags are printed on is pretty thick compared to other companies. Next time I will shape and fold the flags while the glue is still wet. 
 The command figures are lovely looking figures, and the sergeant dressing the line with his pike certainly looks the part.
 I'm definitely no expert on Napoleonics so I'm pretty sure I'm made some errors but they are good enough for me, and boy oh boy do they look good in all lined up. 

 Next up, probably some French cavalry. I've got a few to choose from so watch this space as they say! 

So thanks for looking, please feel free to comment. All comments are wecome and very much appreciated.

Thanks again 
Cheers for now Russ 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Michal, despite Napoleonics being my nemesis I did enjoy painting them and I'm rather pleased with the way they turned out.

  2. They look great and as you say can paint up well and are much easier to assemble than the Victrix figures.
    Had a close look and I can't spot any glaring errors. I believe officers sword knots were crimson and gold but that is getting really picky. :)

    1. Thanks Anthony both for your visit and for the comment. Next batch I paint I will give them gold and crimson sword knots, I've enjoyed painting these so these won't be the last 😊

    2. Think I have around three battalions of these mixed in with Perry and Victrix amongst my ten battalions so far.
      Ref the sword knots, a site that sells modern reproductions, I hope based on fact.

    3. Thanks Anthony I will take a look, I'm a butterfly painter so I am painting up some French now. They are a mix of Warlord Games and Perry plastics, the heads so far are all Perry. The WG heads are a bit bigger than the Perry ones, hopefully once painted they will all mix in together nicely. Well that's the plan

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