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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Last of the Red Devils for now?

So last of the Red Devils for now! Ok that could very well change knowing me, i do have another ten built up and ready to be painted! although I am half way through a couple of German vehicles so they may just nudge ahead on the paint table.
These are mainly plastic minis this time although a light mortar team as snook in which are metal. I think I'm roughly up to 40 minis so far and still more to do, I will try and get a group shot of them all in thier glory, ready to drop in and give Hitler's boys a bloody nose. 

                                              GROUP SHOT

The ten men include, 1 light mortar, 1 piat team, my number 2 for my Bren gunner which I've already painted, a sniper moving, 2 smg's and 2 rifles. Pretty good mix to add to my slowly growing collection.



 I've yet to add a spotter. 


 I can't take all the credit, these figures are cracking little sculpts and the detail is just waiting to be painted. 

 The plastic figures are slightly more chunked then the metal but not enough to spoil it. 

Despite the fact I'm a plastics fan and slightly biased I would recommend these figures to anyone, ok plastics can be fiddly to put together but anyone who likes to varie the poses and have no two figures look the same then plastics are the way to go. They are pretty good at being mix and match and very easy to convert! Especially if like me you grew up on converting metal figures. 

For some reason I don't seem to have a separate photo of the light mortar but hopefully there is enough of it on show in the group photos.

 So that about sums up my latest and possibly last red devils for now. I know I break from these guys is on the cards but sometimes I just can't help myself so we will see!

As always guys thanks for all the support and comments it means a lot, my view of things are slightly different from  post people in this hobby! Its not really about gaming to me, I love painting, collecting and converting. So thanks again for the support of my humble blog. 

Cheers for now Russ 


  1. An amazing collection of figures, great work old boy!

    1. Thanks Fran it's much appreciated, I will have to get all the boys together for a group photo 😊

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you my friend your words are warmly welcomed 👍