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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

A mixed bag

It's being a while since I last posted so here we go. I painted some of this stuff ages ago but I'd forgotten about them! I dug them out and took some pictures of the Vikings. The saxons needed basing so I got some of them finished today, there are still more to do but the bases aren't finished yet. All figures are gripping beast plastics with a few head swaps with other manufacturers.

                                                   The Vikings
 first up the warlord ! Head swap with a GW barbarian head. It took abit of hacking to fit but I got there in the end, the severed head is a warlord games addition. I love the spares box! 

Group shot


Hirdmen with spears 

Hirdmen with swords and axes

The levy

                          I ran out of D A warriors to finish up my levy so I converted some of gripping beast Arabs.

The Saxons     
                                 the warlord in all his glory! 

                                  I've painted quite a few of these guys over the years but they still look bloody good to me. 

The archers 

                                 now these guys did look uninspiring before they were painted, but they do say don't judge a book by its cover. I reckon they painted up pretty well. 


                               these are some of my favourite figures! They just look spot on once painted.

                           the shields are a necessary evil but they do make a   impact when they are all lined up!


                             hearthguard with spears.

                            hearthguard with swords and axes 

                              the leader flanked by his best warriors, ready to die to protect him.

I'm still playing around with more stuff for saga so there will be more to come! But now I'm back into full hobby mode anything could crop up so keep your eyes peeled for more hobby goodies!

So thanks for looking 
Cheers for now Russ 


  1. Russ, your Dark Ages' stuff looks terrific!

    1. Thanks Jonathan, sorry its took a while to reply I've had a few issues with getting on my blog.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Fran, next up are some more paras with a bit of artillery support

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you my friend, I'm hoping to add more soon.

  4. Beautiful and fierce Vikings Russ, wonderful job!

    1. Thank you Phil it's much appreciated. Now It's just deciding what to add next!