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Wednesday, 4 September 2019


I first thought about Vietnam years and years ago when I picked up some Platoon 20 figures! Just to find out I couldn't paint 20mm figures to save my life. Ok slightly OTT but not far from the truth. Then I saw an advert for Empress Miniatures US Marines for Hue! Well it hooked me just like that, so once the funds became available I picked up several packs. Now Paul Hicks is a very talented sculptor and thiese are absolutely stunning little figures. So far I've painted up one full pack of four figures, and I'm more hooked than ever.

So on to the figures I've painted, I'm still tweaking the colours slightly but on the whole I'm pretty happy.

The very beginning.

 this guy was literally the Guinea Pig for trying to get the base colours down. 

The first full pack.

 so now it's trying to decide how to base them. I know that by rights the flak jackets were normally abandoned for jungle fighting but I dont want to just restrict myself to just urban area basing. So thinking cap on while I get the next batch ready to be painted. 

So thanks for looking
Keep looking and I will keep posting 
 Cheers for now Russ 


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    1. Thank you my friend, your support is always appreciated 👍

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    1. Thanks Fran, I'm well behind on most things at the moment so apologies for the late reply 🤯