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Sunday, 6 October 2019

ECW Artillery

It's being a long time in it's making but I finally got my next ECW piece completed. I've being tinkering with bits and pieces and this cracking model from 1st corps.

 I honestly thought it only been 4 figures and one cannon it wouldn't take very long to paint! I was wrong. 

 I was hoping to get the second one painted at the same time but great plans dont allows go as planned. I enjoy my painting but sometimes it's real easy when figures are this easy to paint. 

 I had to revisit some of the metal parts and dull them down a tad, hopefully I've now got the balance right. 

So to finish up, some photos of my humble collection so far!

 so thanks for looking, I plan on adding a lot more when time permits. I just dont seem to have the time at the moment! But then again I think I could paint all day every and still not have enough time. 

So thanks for looking 
 Cheers for now Russ 

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