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Saturday, 12 October 2019

Good afternoon Vietnam part2

I've managed to complete another few figures for my Vietnam collection, the more of these figures I paint the more I like them . I'm expanding my collection slowly and trying pick up figures in small batches so I dont get buried in a lead mountain and overwhelmed by it all. I almost sound like I'm organised and have given some serious thought to my latest project. Vietnam may have being a foreign war but something really resonates about it. I know all wars are futile and horrendous but Vietnam seems to be on par with WW1 in my humble opinion. The waste of any human life is horrendous, I do try and treat all my projects with respect for the subject matter that they deserve.

    The figures
 one of the most iconic images of US troops! Lock and load! 

 as with the other figures I tried to reproduce some of the helmet art that adorned almost every grunts helmet. Although at this scale it ain't easy! 
 I'm unsure if its all historically correct but hey I did have a bit of fun while doing them. 

 M60, bloop gun and M16s all part of the armoury put to use by the US troops. 

 these really are cracking little figures and paint up beautifully, Empress Miniatures and Paul Hicks deserve a clap on the back for releasing and sculpting these gorgeous little figures. 

I'm planning on adding one more 10 man squad before I move onto the NVA, the squad will of course include a few characters from Full Metal Jacket. I resisted for a while but after rewatching it I gave in and ordered Joker, Cowboy, 8 Ball and Animal.  So watch this space as they say! 

Well that's another entry for my humble blog, thanks for reading and thanks for looking.
All the best 
   Cheers for now Russ