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Saturday, 6 June 2020

US infantry

I've finished up my latest batch of American troops. The figures are the second generation plastics from Warlord Games, and my second lot of US reinforcements. The newer set of US infantry is a vast improvement on the original set, more human looking and certainly paint up nicely. I've mixed the colours a tad, something I seem to be doing more and more as I progress with my venture into WW2. It all started with the German troops and just continued from there, I've been sorting through my collection and came across a couple of bits of scenery I had completely forgotten about. So I decided to take some more scenic photos today. The lighting is something I struggle with but hopefully the photos are good enough to show the figures off and give a flavour of the figures.

  US troops pushing forwards

I did mix and match the parts from some of the other American figures from Warlord. It's one of the reasons I love plastic figures, it means you can go to town and convert figures to your hearts content. They are so much easier to work with them metal, although I still enjoy converting metal figures but they are more complicated and time consuming. Well rounds up another post, there are still more to come so keep looking and I will keep posting.
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