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Wednesday, 21 October 2020

SAGA New Additions

 SAGA Additions 

    The paint table as been invaded by more goodies from Gripping beast! I've tried to keep the spearmen pretty generic, I figured most of them looked pretty much the same as each other when in massed ranks of bristling spear tips and shields. 

                            The latest Additions in all their glory.


The slingers

 the slingers, I robbed the spare slinger arms from the Wargames Atlantic Dark Age Irish box. It gives more variety to the slingers which is something I love about plastic figures. 

The command and 4 Warriors

The bald heads are stolen from the Victrix Viking set! Got to love plastics for the ease of mixing parts, I've even swapped out the lower part of one of the shield arms. 

The command leads the guys to victory or death! 

The shields are all hand painted, and although time consuming very much worth it! They certainly finish up the figures nicely. 

Well that about finishes things up for this time, more figures are in the pipe line and even a couple of bits of 40k for a friends collection. So stay tuned, keep looking and I will posting.

Stay safe, take care 
                    And catch you all soon 
                                   Cheers for now Russ 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you my friend, real life is getting the way of adding more 😒 im afraid

  2. Those look great - love the color schemes.

    1. Thank you Mezmaron, I enjoy painting these little guys but then again there isn't much I don't enjoy painting.

  3. Inspired job, beautiful miniatures!

    1. Cheers Phil, unfortunately time is something I just don't seem to have enough of at the moment. My hobby time is suffering I'm afraid.