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Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Saxons and Vikings

 I dug these guys out of storage and decided it's time to share them. The clearout and sort out as stalled slightly due to work commitments but I'm trying to get back on track with clearing some space. 

         The Vikings 

Gripping beast certainly has it sorted for building Warbands so heres my Vikings 

 the full force, A warlord, 4 Beserkers, 4 hirdmen, 8 spears and 8 slings 

 my favourite figures the Beserkers! Converted warlord games figures

 A little bit of missile support, 8 slingers

The Saxons

 the full warband, A Warlord, 8 hirdmen, 8 archers and 8 spears.

spears shining and shields readied.

The Shields are hand painted, I do enjoy painting them. It finishes them off nicely and certainly brings the force together. The figures certainly look the part and a joy to build and paint. 

So thanks for looking 
    Cheers for now Russ