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Saturday, 9 February 2019

40k chaos

I've undertaken painting a small commission for a friend, I have in the past painted a few bits for him over the last few years and do it's nice to be asked to paint some fresh pieces for his collection. It's for his chaos army so the colour scheme is already set. It took a while to get into the style again but hopefully I've nailed it!

This time its was 5 chaos bikers and a converted chaos lord. I've built the bases up with cork, I used slate to make the first few for his army but I figured that the weight might of become an issue going forward.

                       The Models

 the 5 bikers all together! A few embellishments but nothing OTT 

 the leader popping the wheelie seemed to fit in ok so I went with it. 

 I haven't added anything to my 40k collection in quite some time! That may just change now, I forgot how nice GW stuff. 

 Blood for the Blood God! Liberal amounts of blood! 

 the chaos lord turned out pretty good, and I'm pretty pleased with the finished  figure. 

So that about wraps it up! 

Thanks for looking 
Cheers for n


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    1. Cheers Fran, I may end up adding more bits to my Ultramarines after painting these guys.

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    1. Thanks Michal your feedback is always welcomed. It always good to hear from the crypt! 🙂