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Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Soviet reinforcements arrive

I promised more recruits for my Soviet forces, and Mother Russia answered the call and sent more troops without hesitation. So another ten ready themselves for Not one step back!
       Now I'm a painter and collector so my mind does wander and I do get butterfly minded but my next post will probably prove that. Back to this post and on with my Russians. The rubble strewn bases are proving fun to do and hopefully they are capturing the look I was looking for. My mind always drifts to Stalingrad when painting these guys.

                            The Troops

 once again they are a mix of summer and winter uniforms although I have added gloves to try and balance out the look a bit. 

 I'm not sure how warm the quilted suits were but I'm guessing the Soviets were a pretty hardy people. The fur caps would certainly of kept out the cold but as for bullets and shrapnel I'm not so sure. 

 I love the charging pose, they add some real movement to the group. 

 a sight to strike terror into any heart! Soviet forces charging with fixed steel and flying lead! 

 so that's my latest recruits for my Soviet forces, I've still plenty more to go at but something else as tweaked my interest so we will see what wins! More Soviets or something new! 

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  Cheers for now Russ