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Monday, 13 April 2020

Bolt Action SAS

I've been planning on making some SAS for ages, and what better place to start then in the deserts of WW2. These have been made for a friend who asked if I could build a small unit of 8 men. Now I will be making more for my own collection but here are the results so far.

                            8 Man Squad


The squad consists of (5 x SMG's one looted MP40) 2 MMG's and one medic. The mix of parts seems to work well and gives an impression of  what I imagined they should of looked like. They are cobbled together from parts from so many different sets! The parts box really came into it's own for making these guys, the mix of parts from Panzer Grenadiers, Blitzkrieg Germans, Commenwealth infantry, British infantry and parts I honestly cant remember which set they came from.


So that wraps up another post and hopefully it's been worth while the visit, I'm not a gamer just a passionate painter and collector. 

So thank you, keep looking and I will keep posting 

Cheers Russ 


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    1. Thank you my friend, I did enjoy painting and building these guys. Time permitting more will be added sooner rather than later.