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Saturday, 4 April 2020

Wargames foundry Old West

There was a time when Wargames Foundry was a much more commonly mentioned company, wargame magazines had plush pictures of their latest additions and in full colour! The world of Miniatures as changed and developed massively in the last few decades and we as gamers and collectors we have never had it so good IMHO.

So on to the figures, the Old West

This guys are slightly smaller then the more modern figures we are getting used to but they still stand up well against some of the newer figures.

 some of these guys look familiar but maybe that's because I've watched more Westerns over the years then I should of.

 the undertaker on the right looks like he might be in for quite a bit of business! 

 I'm pretty sure some of these guys could easy step in as Pickerton men. 

 a splash of colour here and there just to break up the greys and browns. 

 most of these guys would definitely look at home on the streets of Tombstone. 

So thanks for looking, hope all you guys are staying safe in this weird time. It feels kind of surreal with everything happening in the world but stay safe and look after the ones you love. 

Al, the best cheers Russ  


  1. Nice job on these Foundy old west figures Russ. I too remember the days of Foundry world domination and I am glad they are over. Their figures were and remain over priced in my opinion and they also introduced the idea of blisters containing multiples of the same figure rather than the traditional idea of being able to select individual figures, which I hated at the time and stil don't like to this day!

    1. Thank you first up, and yes the days are long gone either for good or for bad. I do like picking individual figures and probably always will. Times have definitely changed.

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    1. Thank you Terrement and thank you for visiting my humble blog.

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    1. Thanks Ray it's much appreciated, I keep saying i will post more but everyday life does get in the way.