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Monday, 16 November 2015

A Trio of Shermans

I have being dabbling with Warlord Games Bolt Action plastic Sherman's 
 The build element is straight forward and very easy to do, the tracks are a joy to build! Two parts to each track spot on, for what they are they are nice little models. I really can't fault them, they paint up well and look the part 
 So still some work to do, stowage to add, crew to add and then its on to muck and dirt to finish them off. I have made a slight change to my usual colour to finish them off! I have added a touch of Vallejo Japanese uniform to give a slight amount of warmth to the finished colour. 
 Hopefully once they are mucked up it will take them up another notch and finish them off nicely! but so far I am impressed, and although I don't intend keeping them for my own collection! They certainly tick a lot of boxes, easy and quick to build, paint up nicely and look the part. What more could you want! So thanks for looking 
 Cheers for now Russ


  1. Thanks Francis, I'm looking at some German armour next possibly a couple of Panthers! The stowage should complete the Sherman's and the crew should add that final touch.

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    1. Thanks Michal, the Vallejo Japanese uniform adds that bit extra to the overall colour. It seems to have brought some warmth to the finished colour.

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    1. Thanks Jason, they are real nice models! I painted the crew up yesterday so they should add that bit more interest to them. The stowage is well on its way to being completed so they should be done by the weekend! Well fingers crossed