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Friday, 27 November 2015

Games Workshop Chaos knights

Variety is the spice of life, or so they say! My paint table is a busey place with comings and goings and stuff falling in and out of favour. My wife calls me butterfly minded! Amoung other things! So back to my post, Chaos knights from Good old Games Workshop. I try not to get into the politics side of things or ride the hate train as it were. They make pretty nice stuff so while I enjoy painting their stuff, and occasionally selling bits and pieces then I am a happy chappy! The five figures certainly look the part and I've gone for the classic black armour and trim of gold, bronze and silver
 A bit of colour thrown in for good measure on shields and the standard, they arn't the kind of guys you would want to meet down a dark alley, or even a well lite one. Horns and spikes bristling, I think the horses would give a good account of themselves even without the knights on their backs. 
 I painted the shield to match the sword on this lunking great brut! A true leader if I have ever seen one. 
 The standard bearer bears the blood of his victim's splattered across his standard, the red of the blood goes well with the colour of his standard "incubus darkness I think" pretty saw I'm wrong but once in a while even I get lucky! 
 The musicians shield carries the skin of one of the many he has slaughtered, overall I'm pleased with the finished five. I'm not so pleased with my efforts in trying to a new lighting set up . I have gone back to my old set up which I know is lacking! 

 so thanks for looking, cheers for now Russ


  1. Those are very cool Russ, always loved those models and the foot knights.

  2. Thanks Francis, the warriors are on the to do list. They are cracking little figures and they certainly look the part. I have being a fan of chaos for ages but that may just be because of my paint table! its tidier today than it was yesterday but thats not saying much.

  3. Great details on these impressive knights!

  4. Thanks Phil, I wouldn't go as far as to say they painted themselves but the detail made it easy to get good results!