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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Games Workshop Crypt Ghouls

I managed to finish up my crypt ghouls today, I have had them laying around for a good couple of years before I got the bug to finish them up. They were built up and undercoated so it was purely a paint and base job.
All ten were painted in a uniform way, Pale green skin seemed right although I have seen some stunning examples painted in colours from Grey through to Red. I added some Grave stones to give the impression of them shambling through a graveyard looking for some easy prey. 
First one up is covered in liquid green stuff spots, it seems to have worked out pretty well and the posing of him climbing over the slanted headstone appears to have worked, the other two headstones where just added to the bases and covered in fine flock to give the impression of growing vegetation.

 I must admit that I have plans to do another box so I can follow up with some more ideas that I have had while painting these little fellas up! 
So as always thanks for looking 
Cheers for now Russ 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Francis, they are really cool models to paint, even if it did take a couple of years to get them done.

  2. Excellent...and impressive!

    1. Thanks Phil, I have a few more to do so hopefully they will turn out as good! Well here's hoping

  3. Thanks Michal, I did toy with painting them a Red raw fleshy colour! but I went for a more dead flesh colour. I'm a big fan of Games Workshop stuff they d
    Really do make quality miniatures.