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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Trio of Sherman's completed

I have finished my Sherman's, crews completed, stowage added and muck and dirt added 
 All the crew are the same figure although I did cut one down to fit the front hatch, you do get a choice of a American or British figure which is a nice addition. The stowage is all from Tamiya or homemade bits or pieces 
 The muck and dirt is my first attempt with powders although I think I have a way to go before I get to a level I'm happy with. 
 Overall I'm impressed with them, not to much building required and slap abit of paint on them and they are more than ready to take to the table. There will be more to come so hopefully they will all turn out as well as these, so thanks for looking 
Cheers for now Russ 


  1. They turned out great, nice job! Any decals/stars etc. going on next?

  2. Thanks Jason, I didn't get any decals with them so it may have to be a re visit at a later date. The panthers are in the early build stages so hopefully they should put in an appearance in soon.

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    1. Thanks Phil, even I'm pleased with them, between the crew figures and the stowage I think it just finished then off nicely

  4. Hi Russ,Nice job on those ShernanTanks. The tiny guys;the crew look natural and give them the wow factor too.
    I have a few to put together myself. Guess what? Yip i ran out of glue.
    Greetings from Fiddle Wood, Norwich UK. BB

  5. Thanks Paul, they do paint up pretty nice. It didn't seem right not to include some of the crew figures included in the set. As for the glue I think we have all run out of it at some point or other, normally at the worst moment possible!

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    1. Thanks Ray, the next up are a couple of panthers and a panzer IV! If I get a chance I will give the camo a try with my new toy! An air brush! A early Xmas prezzie from my lovely wife! Bless her I'm a very lucky man

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